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  1. IMO the greatest ever Devils.
  2. Always likes Scott, it was great to see him come back and really play well a couple of years back. I was disappointed he wants given another chance after the year he had.
  3. At least my username is a associated with a decent player again.
  4. I liked Toots a lot. He is a real character guy he has battled through a lot and a number of guys always talk highly of him on Twitter. One of those guys you like when he is one your team but hate when you have to play against him.
  5. Like i said i wasnt totally being serious , I was more stating it's like a joke that slowly becomes reality. The best way I can describe how I feel is that I don't want the organisation to forget where it came from, and it would be nice if people coming in are aware of this and try and incorporate some of the positives in the way the team was run into its future identity. In terms of on ice personnel I am totally comfortable with that, it's to be expected, it happens in every major sport around the world.
  6. It was a tongue in cheek comment TBF, but people were joking he would be a devil on deadline day, now he is. I don't want the team to lose its identity and end up the penguins lite.
  7. Can we look at players who haven't played for the Pens for a change.
  8. So i take it none of our guys signed then?
  9. AHL stuff but still:
  10. He just can't help himself.
  11. Seems like Rico is taking this pretty hard:
  12. You wash your mouth out young man!!!
  13. This now surprises me we didn't pick D man in the first round of the draft. Chychurn would have been a nice option.
  14. I know I am in the minority but I am slightly disappointed.
  15. I think what killed Mattinglys chances was his refusal to cut his sideburns.