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  1. Elliot Friedman on the NHL live feed said it was happening.
  2. Good write up on Zetterlund here: Compared to Frans Neilsen.
  3. Fabian Zetterlund. LW/RW Another swede Another good skater.
  4. I know it's normally BPA but we have got to be taking a D man some time soon haven't we?
  5. Having a look at his highlights he looks very quick and dynamic.
  6. Devils select Center Jesper Boqvist from Brynas in Sweden.
  7. Always though Ray would select the faster skater in Hiescher. Really excited but at the same time dreading if Patrick becomes the better player. Patrick looked really disappointed when his name wasn't called. He is such a competitive guy.
  8. Nico or Nolan. I can't decide. Happy with either, anything else is a huge risk.
  9. Any chance that Ray is trying to get another 1st round pick and taking Makar? Where is he slated to go?
  10. I actually like the shoulders. Also like to collar. Just can't be dealing with the bottom stripes going completely.
  11. Let's see what the board really thinks?
  12. I was thinking it would look like this just with as devils Logo. Which wouldn't be horrific. Hoping for no changes though. Also saw this yesterday, oilers again. But interesting:
  13. I have a feeling they will be getting rid of all the white stripes on the jersey.
  14. One layer rather than multiple layers.
  15. I don't think they will be making a tonne of these deals. Vegas needs a semi decent product to put on the ice and not every deal a GM puts forward is going to make sense for them.