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  1. Not that I am aware of but I am really not the person to ask on that. CBA and trade rules are not something I ever tried to get to grips with. As an aside who is avaliable from the Penguins? As I am sure we will be in for them come the deadline.
  2. This had been such a sh!t year. Two years ago I really got into the team as I was coming over to watch them play so I have a soft spot for that team. Last year the effort and the heart was there , it felt like there was a lot to root for and progress was being made. This year my expectations were probably way too high. This team misses Adam Larsson a lot.
  3. No one is taking Lovejoy, it's just not happening. I doubt we could give him away. PAP will fetch something as will Quincy. Hoping Ray can continue to pile up the picks and use them to snag another Palmieri type trade.
  4. What? Don't even know where to begin with this bullsh!t. There's a Penguins bandwagon due in 3 minutes with a Blackhawks bandwagon service due every half an hour. BYE!
  5. We're not getting shut out so that's a start.
  6. One of the few highlights ofrom this season ruined.
  7. Seen a lot of talk about Quincy being moved. Wonder what sort of return he would get?
  8. Let's be honest the team and the organisation has given up on this year. They made it pretty clear with that believe in 2017-18 promo they sent out at the start of the year. My hope for the rest of the year is that Zacha and the other young guys keep getting ice time and continue to improve.
  9. Kinkaid is a lifelong islanders fan. It really showed last night.
  10. I think that for some reason St Louis still thinks they owe us compensation for the Stevens deal. Some of the trades they made during he Lou era were daylight robbery.
  11. Meeehhhhhhhh
  12. Should have kept my mouth shut....
  13. 21 shots to 3. How is this level?
  14. It's a shame that Bratt's production has fallen off. He was looking to have a good year before. Is he eligible to come across to the AHL next year?