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  1. GDT: 9/25/17 NJ Devils @ Senators @ PEI @ Hockeyville

    ITS ONLY PRE SEASON My current state of mind.
  2. GDT: 9/21/17 NJ Devils @ Les Habitants

    This X 100. I just keep repeating "it's only pre season".
  3. Brian Boyle Diagnosed with Cancer

    Glad its treatable. The fact he is going to aim to play is a true testament to the type of player he is. Hoping he makes it out for opening night.
  4. The NJ Offseason Thread

    Of course it would. We could have just won the cup and I would still think these jerseys were awful. They look sh!tty. Can you actually name a feature on this jersey that is an improvement over the last jersey? I was open to some form of change if there was a good reason for it. As I have said before I don't mind the arm stripes, quite like the shoulders, but the jersey looks unfinished. The black stripe around the bottom makes zero sense given the black shorts and watching the prospect challenge it looked like the players were wearing jerseys that were too short. We had one of the top five jerseys in the league, I suppose this jersey typifies the team over the last 5 years, we now finally have uniforms that match the product we have seen on the ice.
  5. The NJ Offseason Thread

    What feature of these new jerseys will people be able to fondly reminisce over in 20 years time though? "Oh I loved all that red space at the bottom of the logo" "Hey why don't we bring that one inch thick black band that you can't even see when the players have shorts on? That was neat" From watching the prospect game I just kept thinking " this jersey makes us look like the Senators".
  6. 2017-2018 Prospects Thread

    Well that sucked. All part of the learning process I guess.
  7. The Devils Uniforms

    Yeah the lack of the bottom stripe is really what kills it.
  8. Devils marketing to other teams' fans?

    See advertising this game makes even less sense to me, it's basically the one time that the organisation is guaranteed good attendance with little or no promotion. If they were targeting Isles fans or Flyers fans in South Jersey then yeah. But not the Rangers, there is no need , that game sells itself.
  9. Devils marketing to other teams' fans?

  10. The NJ Offseason Thread

    Only if it's not an Indo version , I don't want to actually own anything that has come into contact with poor people or those who sleep on the floor.
  11. The NJ Offseason Thread

    I think that this tradition was actually started by the East Rutherford Chickensmashers in 1935 when one one of the players wives accidentally sewed hundreds of patches onto the teams jerseys, the feature became lovingly know as the "god damnit prudence" band. It's a feature Adidas intend to fully restore.
  12. The NJ Offseason Thread

    Plenty of space on the new jerseys for that patch. Maybe they can run a ring of them around the bottom of the jersey like a stripe.
  13. The Devils Uniforms

    Thanks DevsMan. Totally forgot I posted this. The seller listed it as being from 1986 (the reason I brought it was it's from the year I was born).
  14. 2017-2018 Prospects Thread

    Big Poppy is an awesome nickname.
  15. Will Butcher Agrees to Terms with Devils

    More options is never a bad thing. Especially free options. Basically a Kerfoot for Butcher trade in the end