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  1. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    That makes sense. Wasnt our record against the Thrashers sh!t as well?
  2. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    The fvck happened in this game? 5 goals in a period! What's our record like against Winnipeg? I can't remember winning against them.
  3. GDT: Devils @ Toronto 7pm Msg Return of the Zajac

    Yeah it was sarcasm. I found it funny that his first game back is the first time in an age we don't score.
  4. GDT: Devils @ Toronto 7pm Msg Return of the Zajac

    Zajac literally kills all offence dead in one go.
  5. GDT : Devils @ Blackhawks - 7:00 PM - 12/11/17 (NBCSCH, MSG+, NHL.TV )

    Yeah it's necessary to get the resources down the line. I was referring more to some of the moves Lou was making towards the end of his tenure. Cammallieri is an example. He was a player really more suited to a win now team in need of support for a playoff push. I didn't really see where he was going to fit in in term of the teams long term rebuild. I guess he wasn't too difficult to get rid of and he filled a need at the time, but at that stage it very much felt like there was no clear vision or direction as to where the team wanted to go. I had great fun watching Gomer and Jagr coming back but at the time we were supposed to be rebuilding we seemed to be getting older. Just glad that period seems to be over now.
  6. GDT : Devils @ Blackhawks - 7:00 PM - 12/11/17 (NBCSCH, MSG+, NHL.TV )

    I would feel really bad for Hayes because he has earned that spot and been playing well in the role he has been given. But something has to give. Still not sure if we rushed Zachs' early development in bringing him into the fold. Sure he is physically ready but mentally.... Now shifting him around or dropping him down to the AHL only seems like it would dent his confidence. Tricky situation.
  7. GDT : Devils @ Blackhawks - 7:00 PM - 12/11/17 (NBCSCH, MSG+, NHL.TV )

    I would 100% rather see a group of young guys learning together and making mistakes but playing fun hockey , than a group of vets labouring through on the off chance we might scrape a playoff birth, stopping the kids coming through. I regularly check to see what Patrick is doing and what Flyers fans thought are on his play. Initially there seemed to be a lot of talk about him being more of a "Flyers type" player than Nico. And this feeling sort of solidified after his fight. But 9 games missed already won't be helping his reputation as being fragile. All the billing before was that Patrick was more of a thinker and a playmaker and Nico was a guy who would break a game open with a moment of magic but so far Nico seems to have both elements to his game, where Patrick is more as advertised. Although his no look through the legs drop pass was a thing of beauty.
  8. GDT : Devils @ Blackhawks - 7:00 PM - 12/11/17 (NBCSCH, MSG+, NHL.TV )

    It's crazy how it seems like he has been slowly adjusting and finding his feet yet he is second on this team on points. He's just quietly going about his business. I know it is very , very early days but I am so glad that we took him 1st. Bratt and Butcher both with points again. It is so refreshing to see fresh blood on this team, after years of patchwork veteran signings. I really hope Muller is not out long term. He was finding his game and starting to look like he did in pre season. Also got to hold my hands up and apologise to Brian Gibbons and Shero, I roundly slammed him for picking Gibbons over Blender and Quinn but he had such fantastic work ethic and knows where he needs to be. Finally Miles Wood is such a frustrating yet lovable player. The only thing you are certain to get with Miles on the ice is a dam good James Franco impression. I wouldn't want to be Shero trying to drop someone from this team when Travis returns.
  9. GDT Devils vs Panthers 7:00 MSG+

  10. Defensive help

    See I had been YouTube scouting Tedenby and wasn't devastated we picked him. I was hoping for the second coming of Parise. He looked so smooth for HV71 the year I followed him when they won the league. His size was and the physicality of the NHL just killed him off.
  11. Defensive help

    One of the reasons I focused on him was because on the NHL draft site where it had short player Bios was because he was the only person who listed the Devil's as his favourite team and Scott Stevens as his main influence.
  12. 2017-2018 Prospects Thread

    Thanks for the updates.
  13. Defensive help

    John Carlson should have been drafted by the Devil's when he was available. He was my first choice in that Draft. Was so happy when he was still on the board at 24, but nope. I always put my faith in the Devil's scouting department but looking back I think that faith was misplaced for a good few years.
  14. GDT : Devils @ Flames - 9:00 PM - 5/11/17 (SN360, MSG+)

    The team is no doubt better than that team, but mentality and the psychological side of sport has a real impact . There were enough guys on last year's team for a drop in confidence to have a big effect. I just don't want the team to tighten up and start overthinking if they hit a bit of a rough patch, which they no doubt will.
  15. GDT : Devils @ Flames - 9:00 PM - 5/11/17 (SN360, MSG+)

    Nico's confidence is growing with every game which is a huge positive. The fact we are still getting goals without Palms and Mojo is good news. This team never gives up which is what you want to see from your team. Hall said this road trip would define if they were a playoff team or not. I pretty much feel none the wiser on that point. Its hard not to recall last season's excellent start and then total collapse and feel that this group could head the same way.