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  1. We're not getting shut out so that's a start.
  2. One of the few highlights ofrom this season ruined.
  3. Seen a lot of talk about Quincy being moved. Wonder what sort of return he would get?
  4. Let's be honest the team and the organisation has given up on this year. They made it pretty clear with that believe in 2017-18 promo they sent out at the start of the year. My hope for the rest of the year is that Zacha and the other young guys keep getting ice time and continue to improve.
  5. Kinkaid is a lifelong islanders fan. It really showed last night.
  6. I think that for some reason St Louis still thinks they owe us compensation for the Stevens deal. Some of the trades they made during he Lou era were daylight robbery.
  7. Meeehhhhhhhh
  8. Should have kept my mouth shut....
  9. 21 shots to 3. How is this level?
  10. It's a shame that Bratt's production has fallen off. He was looking to have a good year before. Is he eligible to come across to the AHL next year?
  11. By the looks of things they didn't even let the Mascot attend!!!!!
  12. I wondered why I hadn't seen much coverage on the ADevs twitter!! That is a real shame for those guys.
  13. Could be related to Bennett being placed on IR.
  14. Just got a marketing email from the Devils titled "we believe in 2017-18". Does this indicate the organisation has stopped believing in 2016-17?
  15. Can't help but feel this is a similar situation to Larsson a few years initial his Devils career. You can see he has the talent and the skill, that doesn't just evaporate. Its all part of learning the game. I think he will come good.