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  1. The predators have been my pick to win since the first round. I hope they win mainly because I want to see Suban get hold of the cup. A Sens Vs Preds final would mean I would be happy with the outcome of either. Basically fvck the penguins.
  2. Not sure it's a great idea to trade for all the players the oilers relied on when they were terrible........
  3. It all boils down to the injury issue really. If Partick isnt injured i am guessing he is the consensus number 1? I personally would be a lot less skeptical if he had only been injured once in his junior career. But he has had multiple periods of absence which is a concern.
  4. All the original drama over jerseys was because people were getting bent out of shape over knock offs and wether or not people should be buying them. Anyhoooo no need to go back over that. I saw on icethetics that they expect all the new jerseys to be given to prospects at the draft this year when they come up onto the stage after they have been selected. So we should get to see ours first.
  5. Back when we signed him there was lots of talk about LA making a play for him as well. Wonder if that would still be of interest to him? I know they missed the playoffs this year but they seem closer to be able to go on a cup run than us. They really lacked goals last season so he could be an option.
  6. The more I read and the more I see I am leaning towards Hischier. He seems much more dynamic that Patrick. If the Devils are still looking at building around that "fast, attacking , supportive" motto you would expect them to take Hischier.
  7. The injuries to Patrick are my biggest concern. He had already missed so much time at a young age .
  8. The players on that list just show how fortunate we have been as fans. Not only the players we got to watch individually but the fact we got to see a lot of them on the same team!!!!
  9. And yet he is still 6th on this team in scoring and 5th in goals!!! Which just goes to show how crappy this team is.
  10. Malkin as well.
  11. Article Here The NHL announced Monday that it will not participate in the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, ending a run of five consecutive Winter Olympics with NHL players. "We have previously made clear that while the overwhelming majority of our clubs are adamantly opposed to disrupting the 2017-18 NHL season for purposes of accommodating Olympic participation by some NHL players, we were open to hearing from any of the other parties who might have an interest in the issue (e.g., the IOC, the IIHF, the NHLPA, etc.) as to reasons the Board of Governors might be interested in re-evaluating their strongly held views on the subject," the NHL said in a statement. What a shame this is. Short sighted IMO. The NHL I'd going to China this year. Clearly they want to target 2022 and a huge market. So yeah let's not go the games before, an miss out on a global audience of 2.1 billion people.
  12. I remember (or at least I think I do) in one of Lou's many stints as Coach seeing a picture of him taking practice and he is on the ice wearing a pair of 100 year old skates and a wooden stick. That was strange yet in a way totally expected.
  13. McDavid looks locked in for 100 points. Which is incredible. The closer the playoffs get the worse I feel for Hall. Didn't know that Hall roomed with McDavid. No way he was ever a problem in that case. Bet Hall is gutted he can't line up with McDavid going forward.
  14. Every draft list you look at is so different. I hope we take a pure Center this year. We have been crying out for one for so long.
  15. Seeing we are dead last in our division and the conference is pretty disheartening. Haven't been looking at the standings at all. But there prospect of a really decent pick is exciting!!!