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  1. Team USA vs. Team Russia

    Ah good point, forget it was 8PM pacific. That's lame that they don't show it then.
  2. Team USA vs. Team Russia

    It might be on Center Ice if you get that, I saw last night's US-Czech game on there. Otherwise i doubt it as the Knicks are on so they will be on MSG and the Devils on FSN NY.
  3. Kirk McLean in the Devils organization

    The only thing that hurt that trade was Sundstrom having to retire early because of his bad back. Otherwise it was at least even if not in New Jersey's favor. Adams was just an ok 2nd or 3rd line winger, and McLean was a good goalie but Burke made him expendable and was just as good as a goaltender. Sundstrom on the other hand was an awesome two way center. Lamierello has been quoted several times as saying what a huge loss it was to the organization when sundstrom had to retire because it left them with a gaping hole at center and it took them some time to recover from that.