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    Devils Hockey, Jets Football (sad, I know) Surfing the web, I'd be lost without it LOL, and of course spending time with my handsome little boy Zack-2 yrs old and LOVING hockey already! I teach him well!
  1. Hey there, happy birthday

  2. Parise goal was the #1 play of the night on espn's top 10 plays

    His skill is outstanding, even during the game last night when he has enough skill and sense to play the puck while he is down on his knees. He is just so much fun to watch, and so young, many more years to watch him yet. And his goal was great too, a lot of players may have given up on the puck after the initial shot but he followed through on it...awesome...
  3. Your Favorite Devil

    Well My favorite Player has always been Brodeur ever since I first started watching Hockey which just so happens to be Marty's Rookie year. I also really enjoy watching Zach Parise, the guys got some skill! And Rafalski too, has the hot stick as of late!
  4. Is it Christmas Yet?

    I have already got a couple things as well, when I see them on sale, it saves me money rather then me paying full price and it lessons the financial burden around the holiday season. I can't stand crowded stores, I try to be done by the first week in December, but it doesn't always happen lol.
  5. Top 10 Greatest Hits Rock Albums

    Gotta love Blink 182! I have all their albums so I didn't bother with the greatest hits. And it so sucks that they broke up, I am not digging Tom's new band Angels and Airwaves either. Mark's band Plus 44 isn't bad though. Still love Blink though!
  6. hey everyone

  7. Individual Game Tickets

    Thanks, not too much longer
  8. hahaha..ohh myspace

    True, I actually got in touch with an old friend from High School whom I hadn't spoken with since I graduated 8 yrs ago, and now we keep in touch even though she is out of state.
  9. hahaha..ohh myspace

    Yup well considering I haven't been on this page in months all threads are new to me lol. I hear you there in your situation better off leaving it private. I will say though some weird people do friends request me on there and all I am thinking is who the hell are you and why are you requesting me lol....
  10. hahaha..ohh myspace

    Hook me up with the info for anyones NJ Devs Groups on myspace, I have a myspace account as well, although I don't go on it very often, but I try to. Anyway here is my page on myspace if anyone is interested, it needs to be updated, but I'll get around to it sometime soon lol http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseactio...=20050602193235
  11. Marty

    I'll take a piece of Marty too, I've thought he was hot since I was like 14 and he was a rookie lmao, he looked good a little chunky, but I think he looks even better now, yummy!
  12. Individual Game Tickets

    Hey Guys, I don't post on here often (hopefully more now!) but I was wondering if anyone had any idea when individual game tickets go on sale for the Devs (UnderDogx, my fiance, and also our son and I) are hoping to get tickets to the January 2nd game Vs the Rangers (I have been to a couple hundred games probably and never seen Devils Rangers, can you believe that lol) and also for opening day. So any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  13. Game Thread: Devils @ Boston, 7:00pm

    Nope, I don't believe so, they don't even count on their total goals for the year.
  14. I am Finally On the Boards I was Looking For

    Welcome to the boards Lou! We don't get to many games here either because of time and money (I used to go to games ALL the time) I have a 2 yr old son (27 months) and we have already made him into a Devils fan too, he gets SOO excited when a hockey game comes on! Anyway, WELCOME