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  1. OGT: Senators @ DEVILS

    I watched the Buf/Ott game last night, and Emery looked shacky. The only problem was Buf was acting like the Deils and trying to take the perfect shot. If the Devils just shoot like hell tonight we can win.
  2. Klee and Lukowich

    You have to mention though the first caps goal where Klee totally overpursued, which created the easy pass and goal. Overall though, it seemed Klee started to feel the system better as the game went along.
  3. Mogilny???

    I see no reason why he cant get one more shot!
  4. Rulebook is in need of a little more fine-tuning

    One thing that has to go is the delay of game when a a player shoots it over the glass. That is the dumbest penalty
  5. Player Grades

    Marty will get better, but I agree on a C right now. I think he has been playing hurt all season though, IMHO
  6. I am Finally On the Boards I was Looking For

    I was trying on a daily basis. Just happy to get in finally. Glad to be here
  7. Game Thread: Devils @ Boston, 7:00pm

    But we have only played in one.
  8. Game Thread: Devils @ Boston, 7:00pm

    OMG Finally finsihed watching the game in delay. I was unsure how I would feel about the shootouts, but that was extreamly exciting. I saw some of the other games with the shootout and thought it was ok, but when your team is involved, much differnt. This game is going straight to DVD for me. Great game for the Devs. Down and out, and back to the winning ways.
  9. Game Thread: Devils @ Boston, 7:00pm

    If the Devs win tonight, Im going streaking
  10. What happened to Bob Arsena?

    He must be ice fishing somewhere nice.
  11. Game Thread: Devils @ Boston, 7:00pm

    I would love to get in on this one, but ill for sure come in after. My Islander fan buddy will be over, and we are doing the T-Vo thing. We switch on and off between our games, so we can both watch them, without interuption. Once my game is in commercial we will go to his game, while my game is paused. Got to love the modern day tecnology. Go Devils tonight. Clemenson Baby!!
  12. Safe to go to MSG?

    Last "Season" I went to the garden with 4 other Devils fans, sat in the first row and had no problems. We all had our Devils uni's on. One of the people with us even had hornes. That being said, maybe the Ranger fans were just to embarrised about their team to say anything to us.
  13. kozlov and the departures

    I have to disagree there. Madden is becoming the face of the team now. I was upset enough when Sykora left. Madden atleast plays with some heart.
  14. Cablevision to add OLN to digital line-up

    I have to say, the NHL on OLN has been nothing but a dissapointment. You would think this is the best thing to ever hit OLN, besides survivor repeats. They should be showing alot more than one game a week, thats for sure.