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  1. I have this game on dvd.
  2. I record most games and i have this game. Rob
  3. Looking for a Devils 2010-11 SGA Calendar.
  4. I have this game on 2 dvds with all the commeccials and the post game coverage.
  5. I have the 10/29/85 & 10/31/85 games on dvd.
  6. Hi. i'll take one. Please send me your Paypal details. Thanks, Rob
  7. I have all three cup winning games on dvd.
  8. I have Devils games on dvd. What specifically are you looking for?
  9. I have this game on two dvds. I can trade for something.
  10. I have all the Devils games in their entirety from the 2005-06 season, including "The Streak". No edited games.