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  1. I don't really care what we get for him. If this occurs, and we get anything at all, it is a boon for this franchise. It's literally picking an asset out of thin air and throwing it onto the pile. If we need to let him play for half a year or something before we trade him then so be it.
  2. I consider the Caps my second team (for a long time now, one of my best friends is a Caps diehard so I've gone to a bunch of games, just come to follow them over time) but still -- fvck Tom Wilson. Glad they won though
  3. Meh, that's just coach speak. I remember when the season started my buddy was raging that the Caps motto for the season was going to be "will over skill." I was like c'mon man, you know that's just coach speak and it's not like that mindset erases all the talent on the team. re: Beau Bennett... I actually really liked him and think with proper finishers he could've had a lot more points. Not to mention some damn puck luck, he was a post away from like ~5-6 more goals. I think at a minimum he should get another year. It was pretty encouraging that he held up through the whole season too other than some games missed for a freak accident with the skate to leg injury.
  4. It seems to be working fine this AM if anyone was still having trouble, finally got all of mine submitted. Good luck everyone and GO CAPS lol
  5. Yeah, it's unusable. Trying to join this one, the reddit Devils one, and Devils Insiders and I've gotten about as far as somehow signing up for this one but I don't even have a name or anything else yet. It's totally jacked up.
  6. Marty was my favorite Devil growing up as a kid, and only over time did Elias overtake him for me as I grew older. I'll always love Marty but yeah, exactly. The ending just has always left a sour taste in my mouth. It just felt so god damn pointless. Like what do you really have to prove? What did he even prove to himself? "I've still got it?" No, you clearly don't. Everyone but him knew that. From the St. Louis standpoint, I understand one of their goalies went down but it just seemed to me like a sad PR move designed to generate interest. Having him play in the alumni game for this past winter classic (or whatever the hell it was, don't remember) felt even MORE forced and sad. So yeah, while I'll be forever grateful for him and still defend him as being the best goalie ever, I'd be lying if internally at least I didn't admit he's been knocked down a peg. To me, Elias is the best. I won't even try to write out why because nothing could explain better than dr33's post from the retirement thread. Getting on topic since I never replied, I agree with some of the posters that said 2014-15 was the worst. Did we bottom out this year, yes, but I still feel that the OVERALL direction is positive. I still believe in Shero (not sure if I believe in Hynes) but generally I have agreed with much of what Ray's done here. In 2014-15, everything felt hopeless. They forwards were abysmal. The defense was horrid. DeBoer getting fired, the three headed sh!tshow on the bench, everything sucked and there was no end in sight. At least now, I feel like we're building toward something and see some actual direction,
  7. Just another reason Patty is the greatest Devil. It was all about Marty, to some degree. He wouldn't have taken NOT getting those starts very well. sh!t, he really didn't take that season well in general even though as we've discussed here he was getting too many starts to begin with. It was never about Patty, even down to the last game here with his "last lap" where he could have played but didn't out of respect to the young guys and the Isles still fighting for a playoff spot (and the other teams around them).
  8. Yeah, the inclusion of Vegas is like a two headed monster for us. Sucks that it worsens our lottery standing, but will likely open up trade opportunities with other teams when they realize they can't protect everyone and want to move certain guys for assets. Going to be an interesting offseason for sure. Just can't wait for the playoffs to end because after tomorrow's clean out day, barring a college signing or something there will be zero Devils news for two months.
  9. I'm not going nuts over it either, just meaning that it sucks that we bottomed out at the same time as three other teams and a fourth is in there by default.
  10. RE: the draft lottery, saw a tweet from Sirius XM NHL Radio's account that it will be the 29th of April. Regarding Palmieri, he's honestly my favorite player on this team. Bought his jersey the week we traded for him (and found out what number he'd wear) and never regretted it for a second. The dude's all heart and soul and pretty damn talented. Glad we have him and I hope he wears the C eventually.
  11. We finished with our lowest point total in our history over an 82 game season and are still going to more than likely pick 6th or worst. That's great.
  12. I think that I agree with it not mattering too much other than if we get #1 or 2. Other than that, everyone's boards seem to read differently. If we don't end up with Hischier or Patrick I am hoping we end up with one of the highly regarded defensemen like Makar or Heiskanen.
  13. I fvcking hate Vancouver. Probably doesn't even matter if we somehow stumble into a win at Detroit because Vancouver is clearly incapable of acquiring points. They've had 69 for what feels like an eternity. So glad I can finally stop having to wake up and check the score of their game, lol
  14. Even though they suck, I was glad they got a nice ovation at the end. Regardless of how bad they are, they're still our team. The Patty stuff with Gio and his family made me cry. No shame. I love Patrik Elias, he will forever be my favorite Devil and damn I can't wait for that jersey retirement. anyway... sh!tty loss, glad the year is coming to a conclusion, but this time next week I'll be missing them. Another season in the books. I'm glad I started posting here again though, it's been fun talking to you all again. Probably going to miss most of tomorrow's game so until some news in the offseason... let's go Devils...
  15. Yesterday's practice was pretty sad too. Just watching him out there having fun and then the words he said to everyone in attendance. I'm going to miss this man