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  1. Yeah, I don't think I can take a 9th straight (personal) loss at home. I just want to see wins at home at this point. Especially tonight because even though their attendance is worse than ours at home, with the Islanders crawling back to relevancy I'd argue that their fans are even more annoying at the Rock than rangers fans. I'm sure there will be plenty of them there tonight. Anyway, here's a neat little article the Devils put out on the Gionta-Rico friendship.
  2. cue the "plan the parade" jokes... I like the trade, even if Loov never becomes a regular NHLer, we need defensive depth and although I liked Sergey he doesn't seem like he's going to turn into much either.
  3. I agree with you, other than the fact that November & December were some of the worst hockey we've been subjected to, and the fact that I have seen them lose 13 of the past 17 games I've gone to... (of course I missed the Buffalo and Colorado games) I am still enjoying this season more than previous ones. I still believe in the overall direction, it's not going to happen overnight so... Just wish they could get a win for the home crowd once in a while. Maybe they can go back to being awful on the road and win some games at the Rock.
  4. Pretty great night if you're on team miracle's side with Toronto, Detroit, Philly all losing... Florida was up 3-1, now tied 3-3 with the Sharks seemingly dominating play after 2. Would be nice if the Sharks pull out the W. Nevermind that on the Sharks... now down 5-3. So in the past 9 days, they have lost to: Buffalo, Boston, Philly, and now Florida while only beating the Devils. thanks for nothing PDB! and now as I add this edit in, the Sharks tie it 5-5 in the last 3 mins with two Pavelski goals AND Luongo gets injured... WOW and Florida wins it 6-5 in overtime, Jones 6 GA on 22 shots... good sh!t... I guess 3 favorable results out of 4 isn't bad.
  5. I think everyone is a little misled on the draft. It doesn't necessarily sound like it's going to be sh!tty, just that there is a lack of the generational talents that have seemingly been coming from every single draft lately. The McDavid's, Eichel's, Matthew's, and Laine's etc... I think any time you are looking like having a top 5-10 pick you should probably hang on to it. I'm not going to claim we'll definitely make the playoffs next year, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were looking more at being in the 10-20 range than the 5-10 range.
  6. Regardless, I'd hate to trade this years pick. If we could get something good for a first, I'd rather it be next years since I anticipate they'll be more competitive that year. I'd also anticipate that type of a deal going down in the offseason. Really feel like most things going down at the deadline will just be rentals for picks.
  7. That was actually the 9th overall, not 6th. When we had the sixth overall we took Zacha.
  8. I'd expect us to be "sellers" in the sense that we'll be trying to move UFA's like Quincey, PAP, hopefully even DSP for draft picks. I don't really think that would affect our chances of making a miracle playoff run one way or the other though. Last year, with Cammy playing some of the best hockey he'd been playing in years then going down, followed by trading Stempniak, we knew we were throwing in the towel. I really don't think trading a PAP or a Quincey would negatively affect our longshot chances for this season though. Whatever happens, I am excited to see if Ray can acquire a few more picks for our arsenal. We're going to be going into this offseason as maybe one of the best prepared teams for this expansion draft and the entry draft in terms of cap space and amount of movable assets (picks). I hate saying "I can't wait for the offseason!" because I don't want hockey to be over with for THIS season but I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'm super excited to see what our FO does this summer.
  9. Past two games I haven't went to they've won, so I'm still looking at January 2nd as the last time I witnessed a win. Anyone want my tickets for tomorrow? lol
  10. I think Cammalleri has been pretty bad this year, we all see that, but to say he was milking time off for his daughter's pneumonia is a pretty ludicrous claim. C'mon. This season of his appears to be what we all knew what would happen in the later years of his contract. He's falling off. Is it really that surprising that it's happening even earlier than we all hoped? No, not really, given how many injuries he's had in his career. I like him and have enjoyed some of his better moments on the team but I honestly think the best case scenario is that we expose him if we can (admittedly I am lost on all of the expo draft rules) and Vegas takes him.
  11. They might pull it out since I won't be there. Missed the Sabres game, so I'm still sitting on January 2 as the last win I saw. The drive home from Newark is not fun lately... at least yesterday my buddy drove since I had just got off work 4 hours before the game so I slept the whole way home.
  12. I do enjoy the creative ways you keep employing to get this message across at the very least
  13. if Vegas ever ends up playing the Blackhawks or LA in the playoffs somewhere down the road it's going to look like a home game for the away side.
  14. Auvitu with the GWG. Wonder when he'll make his way back up here. Presumably not soon with Moore back in the lineup tomorrow.
  15. Yeah, I don't think anyone doesn't want to hear chants like Let's go Devils, the spelling one, whatever else anyone can think of... I just wish some of the more cringeworthy sh!t would go away. I don't even mind the hey, you suck after a goal (if we're not getting sh!t on in the game anyway) but some of the other stuff every one is talking about is just silly.