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  1. Yeah, I mean it was another situation of not being able to put the game away. We had that 2 on 1 late where someone fed Noesen for the partial break and he didn't score. Had quite a few partial breaks we didn't pot come to think of it. Then there was the icing Hall & Palmieri wiped out. Between them behind the net and then the breakout through the neutral zone... there's 5 Devils on the ice still there. You need to win those battles and get the ENG. It's not surprising to me that we end up getting scored on when we almost always spend over 60 seconds trapped in our zone when the opponent's goalie is pulled.
  2. I know, it just seems more sad / pathetic when you phrase it as only having been to one win since January 2 lol.
  3. I've been to one win since January 2nd. One. I've been to every game except four, I believe. I have been done with this season for weeks.
  4. I don't even see tonight as a game he needed to steal. They played well enough to win and didn't. I'm a Cory defender but I dunno who else to pin tonight on.
  5. I don't care that he's not playing, I only have one thing to say IRT the Habs: fvck carey price.
  6. Somebody proposed that on the Devils Daily podcast the other day, and I thought it was intriguing. He's probably my favorite player on the team these days, so I wanted to try to leave bias out of it but yeah... it's hard not to love the way he plays. He really does it all out there. How many times in a game that we've actually won this year has he had a critical block with less than 15 seconds remaining? Despite starting the year cold as ice, still leads the team with 18 goals now. Probably has a legitimate shot at 25 maybe. He just plays with so much pride. That's what was so heartbreaking about him not ending it yesterday. It could've been such a fantastic moment in an otherwise forgettable season. At the very least he should have an 'A' next year, hopefully we hit the jackpot and somehow Cammalleri is in Vegas or something next year to facilitate this.
  7. I mean, Cory has had to endure a lot here, and I'd say overall he's fared pretty well. Look at a guy like Devan Dubnyk. Guy spends the first half of his career getting shellacked year in, year out in Edmonton and then floats to a few more teams before landing in Minnesota and all of the sudden he is suddenly one of the best goaltenders in the NHL. Meanwhile, Cory has been stuck on these awful rosters we've been putting out and somehow putting up respectable to great numbers. So what happens when we get a halfway decent team and put it in front of him? I mean we're literally worse than every single team sans one at putting the puck in the net. Before we say we need to see what he can do with 4-5 hall of famers, how about we see what he can do with even league average?! We can't even give him top 20! not even top 25! I mean at some point, we need to ice a roster that can actually complete the main objective of the sport because as of now every single team Cory has played for has been worse than anything Marty ever had to deal with. The only team that was worse going by goals per game going back to 1991 than the teams Cory has played for is the Johnny Mac disaster of 2010-11.
  8. Yeah, I was kinda upset at Cory for the GWG but I mean it's a one on one. It's a coin flip. He got fooled by the cheesy fake. Sucks but we allowed 40 SOG. I also don't get the knock that he isn't clutch or doesn't show up in big games because I'd like to know when these so called big games took place. There hasn't been a meaningful game around these parts in a long time I'm afraid. That game yesterday afternoon was ultimately pretty irrelevant to the fate of both teams, and we all know that. I get that everyone can have their opinion, but I don't know. Count me as being in the crowd that can't wait to see what guys like Palmieri, Schneider, and Hall will do for this club once we finally get back to the playoffs.
  9. Sorry man, seen a few people (not on here) blaming him for our loss and I'm just like really? Dude was flying all night. I know how you feel though. That's the way the last half decade has gone for us. It would've just been oh-too-perfect for him to end it with a hatty in OT. Fvck it, at least it was a fun game I guess. Probably better in the long run for us to lose games at this point anyway.
  10. The way that Grabner has turned out for them has to be one of the most fortunate signings I've ever seen. He was garbo for so many years and suddenly has more even strength goals than practically everyone in the league.
  11. Yeah, let's hit one of the few guys that gives a sh!t night in, night out with a trash can because he didn't score his 3rd goal of the fvcking night. Why don't we hit Beau Bennett with a trash can for squandering about 50 chances from the slot? or DSP? or Josefson? or sh!t, the entire team since we had about 500 chances to end this in regulation but didn't.
  12. McLeod is having just as good of a season as Zacha ever had in the O, as recently as last night he had 6 points in one game. Just chill out man, losing to the rangers sucks but it's no reason to go off the deep end. Their team is in a different state than ours, and we can thank Lou for leaving us in this position with years of choosing to never let go when we should've began rebuilding forever ago.
  13. was our draft last year fvcked up? It was pretty universally seen as positive.
  14. Bastian's goal was a clear breakaway where McLeod had Bastian almost on a secondary breakaway basically and he just dropped it for him to slam home. Reminded me of that one Henrique breakaway I think last year in OT I wanna say? Think he dropped it for John Moore to slam home. Might've been Palmieri though. Anyway, yeah, what a game for him.
  15. I really want this one for the lock screen on my phone. It's incredible.