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  1. nothing to drink... everything he said made sense.
  2. I'm not drunk yet but you best believe I'm going to be now Wearing my Palmieri jersey to Asbury tonight, fvck it
  3. We just acquired a 58 point scoring forward who is 26 and signed for two more years at 4.5 AAV for Marc Savard's contract and compensation for Lou See, everyone saying the offseason isn't over yet might have known something! Lmao WHAT A TRADE!!!!!!! My best friend who is a Caps fan is devastated... Mojo has always been one of his favorite players and we literally just acquired him for pennies. My fvcking god I love Shero.
  4. Even so it's a massive risk and one that was made unnecessarily. Toronto already had one of the better offenses in the league and now this year the kids will be one more year mature. What was the point in taking this risk on? I'd hate it if I was a Leafs fan.
  5. That couldn't be us though because our general manager doesn't do sh!t like this. It's specifically what he has done a fantastic job of NOT doing in trying to cut corners to make us competitive again. Yet this is what some people were essentially begging for last night! like what is Lou's end game here? This contract is a massive anchor. Were they really a Patrick Marleau away from a Cup? Come on. He'd better hope Marleau doesn't fall off like basically every other forward in the league his age not named Jagr or else this sh!t is a huge joke. do feel bad for Sharks fans though... he's their Elias. Gotta be a bad feeling.
  6. A copy of that contract should be mailed to every Devils fan who is wondering why we have sucked since 2012. Full NMC, 6.25 AAV for a guy who hasn't put up more than 50 points past two years on one of the best teams in the league. Lou should retire.
  7. well, according to the OP I have this: Captain's Banner (#4)..........Sole Keeper..........DevilsFanSteve30 of course I changed my name (to something way more exciting obviously) but still proud to be the keeper of that! maybe I should put it in my sig...
  8. Better name(s)? There was ONE FA that would've made sense to pursue, and he left MILLIONS on the table because he's a fvcking idiot and has been soiling his pants for his entire life at the thought of playing for one of the worst franchises in pro sports. Don't know what else Shero could've done there. As for not acquiring a player with the surplus of picks, yes, obviously it was disappointing but if you look around the league pretty much none of the defensemen we wanted ended up getting moved. Additionally, the roster lacking talent has absolutely nothing to do with whether Hischier makes the team or not. They are going to handle his development on an individual level. If he should begin in the NHL then that's fine, and if he doesn't, that has zero bearing on whether he'll be our 1C or not. There's really no reason to not think he won't be our 1C. All the prognosticators have him plugged as a 1C as well as our scouts and general manager. To think other wise is just being cynical. Will he not be as good as we hope? Of course there's a chance but I'm not going to sit here and worry about it until he gives us a reason to worry about it. For now I'll trust the people who know infinitely more about hockey than myself with regards to my expectations for him.
  9. Honestly, the only defenseman that was moved that I would've loved to have seen us be in on was Sergachev, and who the hell did we have that would have compared to an offer of Drouin? No one.
  10. A week ago: drafted franchise center, received high marks from almost all draft prognosticators on the rest of our draft class, as was the case for the previous two draft classes. This week: miss out on dude that has been whacking off to wearing that disgusting new york rag since he was 11 and first saw jeff beukeboom patrolling the blue line... team is in shambles for the the next decade. management insulting fans. Alright then!
  11. WRT no draft picks being used on defensemen it's important to remember that teams will stick close to their lists generally and go with BPA. When you take the BPA, that will open opportunities up the road. Nashville took Seth Jones even though they were loaded on D because they judged him to be the BPA. Ended up turning that into a #1 C. You have to figure that's what's going on here. I don't think we should all be so incredibly negative after taking Nico either. The kid's going to be our #1 C, flat out. Adding that alone makes this offseason a good one. Still, you have to figure that with Nico, McLeod, Zacha, Zajac, Henrique, and now Boyle taking up the 4th line C, one of those guys is going to be moved. It might not be this offseason though. Might need to let them develop more value.
  12. I think what it boils down to is that Shero (and the rest of the league) anticipated there to by far much more movement prior to and following the expansion draft. The reality is that there really wasn't much movement at all. Most of the teams we thought would have to move a defenseman or two stayed pat. There's been a couple deals where I've been like dang, wish we were in on that, but nothing too crazy. As far as free agency goes... there was a VERY telling quote from Ray on breakup day. I actually listened to his exit interview with media as I drove in to work today because I wanted to find it. go to the 10:30, 11ish minute mark if interested. Paraphrasing here, but essentially he is talking about with regards to free agency, how he wants to do it right and how there are no shortcuts. He specifically mentions last year's top FA's were Yandle and Goligoski, yet Florida and Arizona are "having the same meetings today as I am." Essentially, back in April we could have predicted that Shero didn't exactly view Shattenkirk as being worthy of dumping all of the cash onto. Certainly there was interest, but not enough interest to make a ludicrous deal that we'd all hate halfway through it.
  13. Two days ago, this was a pathetic draft class that we wanted no part of other than Shattenkirk. Now, the sky is falling because we lost out on him since he's going to realize his 15 year old wet dream of being just like Marek Malik and all the other all-time great rangers he grew up idolizing while some of the best defensemen of all time were manning the blue line 20 minutes away. Who else is there to sign? No one. Pretty idiotic to sh!t on our general manager for doing "nothing" when he's been very straight forward in that we are primarily building this team through the draft. We're not even close to even fully seeing what we've got from his first draft class, let alone the next one and then this years. The fact that Shero doesn't do any of the stupid things we used to do / people are clamoring for on social media is exactly why he has my full confidence that we are going in the right direction.
  14. Good stuff
  15. Cammy... always liked him, he was a good soldier and one of those guys you like but the injuries and streaky-ness just killed it for me. I was really hoping Vegas would take him. This works too I suppose. I wish it would've worked out better for him and us. At least when he was on, he was fun to watch. I certainly won't root against him in the future. Good luck to him. DSP... can't say I give a sh!t. He looked downright disinterested out there some games. I just don't think he has the talent to really play on a good team anyway. Man, I love what Shero is doing here more and more as we go along... really for me the only blemish is giving Lovejoy three years, but I understand WHY they signed him. He was just way in over his head. Wish they could've done two years for him. Still - almost ALL of the dead weight is gone from this roster. Exciting times. The next 48 hours are going to be a crazy ride, I think.