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  1. GDT: NJD @ OTT 7:30 PM

  2.   @ian_mendes:      Devils GM Ray Shero tells @TSN1200 "I haven't talked to any teams about Adam Larsson."
  3. Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

      That family is no stranger to fighting with fans... anyone on here remember our fans battling with Michael Yormark during the 2012 run?
  4. The organization is under attack

  5. Hey, thanks board owners

    I don't post on the board too often nowadays but I have been on it since 2005... I would agree it's probably the best place to come. HFBoards is a waste of time even without the ads... The threads there can be pretty unbearable most of the time. I'd agree that there are definitely some good personalities here and it's at least entertaining the morning after a game to go back through a game thread and just see everyone going at it, haha. I guess that's just the mood amongst the fanbase. I had been enjoying the Devils subreddit for a while, but this season just has a different vibe to it. I don't know if it's because of how it's grown in size or what but the amount of whining from entitled fans is unreal. Acting like the team owes them something, acting like Salvador stole their lunch money, and whatever else. I guess some people just can't cope with the fact that we're just not a very good team.
  6. GDT: Devils at Calgary 10 PM

    I would imagine Schneider started last night to have a higher probability of snatching some points versus a weaker opponent, but I don't necessarily understand this being the game where he finally sits. Calgary has been pretty good. Oh well. Good luck Scott...
  7. Remember when Cam Janssen scored 3 goals this season?

    I had the pleasure of being in attendance for two consecutive Cam Janssen goals and Martin Brodeur shutouts in the same game. I feel like the amount of people who can say that is very slim... the guy is pretty hilarious though. Every post game article asking him about the moment he scored... "I don't know, I blacked out."
  8. Schneider re-signs with extended multi-year contract

    I'm so fvcking happy   I know who's jersey I'll be sporting to every game at the Rock this year... along with several other thousand people I'm sure. Love the news!!
  9. Schedule released. Home opener 10/18 vs San Jose.

    I'm not sure if I should crack up laughing, vomit, or both
  10. congrats to the 2013-14 Champs, the Kings

    What a magnificent night. I'm so happy
  11. Doc in NHL 15

      It's Doc, Eddie, and Ray Ferraro from TSN.
  12. 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Tokarski has had a hell of a 3rd period   get sh!t on Kreider
  13. 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Good call on the EN AV   Fvck yeah Habs
  14. 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    That should be a fvckin suspension easy.   edit: maybe not since a major was given