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  1. He just had surgery on his hand so, could be why.
  2. I used to drive there from Key West. It was brutal, but worth it... we'd even drive up to troll games when they'd play other metro teams... NYI, PHI... some of the most fun games I've been to honestly. Sitting directly behind the penalty box for like $20 a seat, lol. Nice arena too.
  3. as soon as Drouin pulled up for the third time, I thought back to that Eddie comment in the first period about just putting the puck on net. then he commits that brutal turnover, then sure enough, they score. then Eddie brings up his comment again. It's like sometimes you can see things happen before they happen. Seriously though, they were about to make it out of that disastrous period tied 0-0 which would've been a huge boost of momentum to them. instead, that.
  4. losing again
  5. tied 3-3 with 4:40 left. Thomsons second goal Never say die!!
  7. I think the downturn in activity here has more to do with all of the other readily available mediums where Devils talk is prevalent. Twitter... Reddit... so on, so forth. I think message boards on their own are just being utilized less and less. I've been here since 2005 but I don't remember the last time I was truly posting regularly. Most people here probably don't even remember me. Nowadays, I just come here every so often to catch up on what everyone's saying, generally lurk on twitter, and primarily talk Devils on reddit. I understand that reddit isn't for everyone, though.
  8. he is an RFA in 2016-17. he is an RFA in 2016-17.
  9. Every game we play against this worthless franchise is miserable. always.
  10. Taking the Bickell contract isn't to sweeten the deal for the Devils, it's to sweeten the deal for the Blackhawks.
  11. I actually thought the same thing after watching highlights for the 100th time today. Seemed like it looked better on TV. At the game though, felt like I was surrounded by them and when they scored those two goals it felt like everyone in the building was standing up. Obviously some hyperbole on that last part, and I don't think they actually outumbered us but it was definitely far worse than I can remember at any game I've been to between the two teams. by the way, awesome article you wrote. thanks for that.
  12. I posted something on twitter in a fit of rage about the attendance split that of course got retweeted by someone with a million followers (including rangers fans) so had to exercise the blocking finger quite a bit on there... thank god for that effort tonight because holy fvck were there too many rangers fans. But just like the last game at the Rock against them, we cheered last & loudest Fortunately, the ones by me weren't too bad... so glad that stretch is over and we can go back to some all Devils crowds for a while. Pretty sure we just played the three worst fanbases in a row. Amazing that we took the season series from those scumbags. This team is far from perfect but they're far more entertaining to watch than anything we've had since 11-12, and no one can question their heart or effort most nights. Just missing that raw offensive talent most of the time.
  13. LGD!
  14. @ian_mendes: Devils GM Ray Shero tells @TSN1200 "I haven't talked to any teams about Adam Larsson."
  15. That family is no stranger to fighting with fans... anyone on here remember our fans battling with Michael Yormark during the 2012 run?