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  1. Ovechkin injured at practice

    Russian Machine never break.
  2. Burke blames Lowe for high salaries.

    Lowe even left an intriguing cliffhanger for the radio station's listeners. "Don't even ask me about Scott Niedermayer, I've already lowered myself in terms of (talking about) how they acquired him," he said. "That's a story for another day, but they were able to bring Niedermayer and Pronger in and they won a Stanley Cup." I hope a reporter follows up on this.
  3. Caps fans & why I'm glad they lost

  4. Caps fans & why I'm glad they lost

    I live in D.C. now and made it out to about 25 games or so this season (including Games 2 and 7). The fans are mixed bag, just like every team. I made it up to the Rock one game this season and the people around me didn't know much about hockey either. I too was shocked that they didn't make an announcement imploring the fans to cease littering the ice.
  5. Colin White screws us again

    What does Marty say about White in his book specifically?