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  1. Brodeur out 3-4 Months

    I have full trust in Weekes! I think, he was great last night, but I don't think the Devils as a team will make the PO. Although it's very early, but they will have to fight really hard to getnear the fire. I would be more optimistic if the special teams performed better. Get Well Marty! Go Devils, Go Weekes!
  2. UK Based Devil Fans

    Hello Guys! I'm from Hungary and I've been a Devils fan since '92. I have been once in the States and attended a Devils game at the Meadowlands. It was in March 2002, a game against the Isles. The Devils have won 3-2. It was great! I would like to go again, to see them at the Rock! Let's Go Devils!!!
  3. Simple poll

    If they can stay focused, yes, they have a chance to go all the way.
  4. Happy Holidays to all

    Merry Christrmas and Happy Holidays to All of You crazy Devils fans around the world!
  5. Marty Brodeur 500!!!

    Well done Marty! You are the BEST!
  6. Training Camp Photos *UPDATED 9/18/07

    Great pics! Thanks a lot!
  7. POLL: Greatest Devils Backup Goalie

    Terreri and Beezer
  8. Rafalski to Wings

    Surprised, stunned....
  9. Will Saturday be the last game in the CAA?

    We have lost 2 against the Bolts and we're in the 2nd Round. It's far from over. Less turnovers next game and we beat them. Go Devils!!!!
  10. Claude Julien fired as head coach

    When I heard it I thought I was dreaming. Now I woke up. It's weird. I hope Lou has some tricks for the Cup.
  11. Your Favorite Devil

    Marty and Stevens! I liked Holik in the early years + Claude Lemieux and Richer.
  12. Congratulations to Doc!

    I love Doc's commentary. He's the best. Congrats to him!
  13. 2006 Goal Song Poll

    I have voted for Rock And Roll 2. Although I like Song2 but I got used to the other and it's still the best from the options. This Crowd Chant????? I've listened it many times, it was getting better, but not the real for me.
  14. Say bye bye to Vlad

    Lou is the Best!!!!! It was a great news for opening this week!!!!!!!!!
  15. It was fun. Great article, well done!