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  1. very excited

    Holik will be the fourth line center on a line that will bang people around. With Holik as the center I could see them getting lots of ice time. I can also see Rupp in the lineup on that line alot more than people think. He played well last season.
  2. Things you can't stand at a hockey game

    People ripping 4th liners with comments like, "he sucks", "he skates like $hit", etc... OK you're in the seats for a reason and he's on the ice for a reason...get it...RESPECT...
  3. Predictions for Eastern Confrence Standings.

    Toronto beats L.A. in the 16 round of the shootout in game 7. Mike Myers gets the game winner.
  4. Avery wont be back with Rangers

    I've always liked Mara, even when he was with Phoenix I thought he was a solid D man. I think he would be a good fit for the Devils but to be honest if the Devils dont get some scoring up front, things will not change. D was not the problem last year.
  5. dream roster next year

    Hate to say it but I dont see Gio coming back. He's going to be the key piece to any packages that involve getting a quality player in return. Gionta and Zajac for Ollie? Who knows.
  6. Conference Finals Predictions

    Detroit in 6 Flyers in 7 Flyers sweep Detroit in 4 (ala '95' Devils ) Seriously...I think it will come down to the Pens and Wings with the Wings taking it in 5.
  7. What are the chances we get Campbell or Hossa?

    Dont expect to see either of them in a Devils jersey next season. Signing Hossa is not going to fix the Devils problems. Campbell would be nice but is Lou willing to pay the price for him????????? I just dont see any of this happening.
  8. Thanks to Triumph I want to Fire Conte +Staff

    Agreed...how many first rounders turned out to be absolute busts... Dont knock Frazee just yet...Marty's number were not all that impressive when he was in junior either and look how he turned out.
  9. Why Pandolfo should be let free

    Pando will get a nice raise this year from the Devils. 2 Million per season seems about right. Pando is not a goal scorer (not matter what he did in college), that is not his role on this team. Let's be realistic here, dont tell me the Rangers wouldnt love to gobble him up. It would serve 2 purposes, splits up Pando and Madden, and Pando would fit in nicely with Drury. Loyalty is a funny thing when your in the sunset of your career.
  10. Gas Prices IV

    I saw on television last night they said that when the gas bubble bursts that we could see gas prices drop .80 cents or more. Thats like saying, "I'm gonna punch you in the face more 20 times...BUT, you can slap me once..."
  11. Keep or Trade Poll (every player on roster)

    Jamie had a rough year with the hernia. I dont think he every really recovered 100% from it. That kind of injury can set you back big time condidtioning wise. I love Brylin and Gio but I feel its time up for both of them.

    For once I have to agree with Neverson. The Devils need a bonafide center that puts up big numbers. I would consider getting a first and second line center.
  13. Avery & Brodeur

    Please...until anyone understands what really happened out there then no one can comment. I'm sure things were said on the ice that no one has any ideas about. Avery as is no big secret is a bumbling moron. Brodeur is one of the most respected players in the NHL. He is not your typical goaltender with weird quircks. I'm sure he had a very good reason to not shake his hand...alot more than just unsportsmanship. Avery is classless and God knows what he said to Brodeur in their little encounter.
  14. Ways we can win game 5 and maybe the series

    The keys to taking game 5 are simple really...do the exact opposite of what they did last night. Brodeur had a good game, the D didnt have a bad game, except for White (again) making a boneheaded rookie mistake that led to a goal, but overall I thought the D didnt play poorly. You cant blame the D for not being able to get the puck out of their own zone. When the D passes to the forwards it's the forwards job to work it out...not turn it over, time and time, and time again. The whole purpose of dump and chase is to enter the zone with SPEED, not with with guys standing on the blueline waiting or going in half speed. The Devils couldnt get out of their own end. Parise decides to blindly clear the puck to the point that he should be guarding, Langenbrunner was absolutlely horrible and made numerous clear as day mistakes, Gionta...well you cant blame him because he was a scratch again last night (yes that is sarcasm), Brylin's time is up, Zajac looks like he's uninterested or start struck, and Hank again looked like $hit last night. As usual the Devils are back to a being a team with a decent D, good goaltending and 2 guys who can score...everyone else is along for the ride. I'm praying this series is not over on Friday night, I'm praying the Devils take this thing to game 7 and take the series. A huge slippery slope the Devils have to climb.
  15. Good, let them get it all out of there system

    The positives that I take from the game are that the Devils played well. 4-1 does not indicate what so ever how close this game really was. Again a small lapse in judgement in the third cost the Devils again. I was screaming at the television for marty to cover the puck. It happens and he will learn from it. Hank did NOT look good at ALL. He was slow reacting to the puck, left some FAT rebounds and COWARD deep in his crease, which surprises me because he has played so well against the Devils this year. Ask any goaltender from high school to the pros...when a goaltender is playing that deep in his crease his confidence is not there. Instead of challenging the shooter he's reacting to the shooter. The Devils need to keep working the corners up high. I would like to see more bodies camping out in front of the crease in the Rangers zone. Another thing I've noticed about Hank is that he doesnt deal with traffic well. He's a big guy, but it doesnt seem like he can scramble all that good. I liked the way the Devils looked last night. If they keep this up they will win the series. Oh, and Avery's goal was assisted by Brylin, that's about the only way he's going to score in this series.