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  1. Stefan Matteau to Montreal for Devante Smith-Pelly

    Was this move made because of the new org's philosophy of speed? I liked his game the first year, really didn't see much this year. I know nothing of DSP so I am looking for the reasoning behind it, not judging one way or the other. Joe Was this move made because of the new org's philosophy of speed? I liked his game the first year, really didn't see much this year. I know nothing of DSP so I am looking for the reasoning behind it, not judging one way or the other. Joe
  2. Gelinas to Colorado for a 3rd

    i would like to thank legal weed because there is no other way that we would have gotten a 3rd even it is a year away. Joe
  3. Gdt Rangers at NJ @7pm

    at game, haven't seen tv broadcast yet, inisital thoughts Severson looked hurt, or just off near the end of the 3rd. Seemed to be holding arm or something after a shift in ot. Trouble getting out of zone with puck behind net a few times. Think the NHL guys were out there so can't blame the rookies. Not sure if it was the Rags pressure, or more miscommunication, but it just didn't look good. Lots of wide open hockey in the third. No clue if this is our new style or just a bad period, we shall see Tieing a game in ot just hurts my head. just go to a 3-2-1-0 pt system so all of this ot crap doesn't matter as much as it currently does Fine,league want a shootout, at least do it right guess that 4 on 3 pp work will be big this year. Why not just make every penalty a penalty shot in ot? sounds like a crappy idea the league would love. Joe Edit to add food review. They now have buffalo chicken and Taylor ham Strombolis. No ranch or blue cheese, just marinara sauce. I got the taylor ham, was cubed, not sliced. I think slicing like they do witht he pepperoni would be better. With mozz which didn't quite blend well for me. I had one that was out for a bit while a friend had one that was fresh which he liked so that may be the issue. I also think I will try it with ketchup next time if there is a fresh one. I will give a buffalo chicken review once I try it withen a game or 2. Designated driver free soda is back. Which will let me actually get more food. No free soda last year cut down on my overall food buying
  4. Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

    the you suck part was figured out by the 2nd or 3rd goal. I was at both games. had what, 5k at the absolute most Friday night. I assume your die-hard season ticket holders, the you suck after the vuvuzula guy was louder than when they just had the original song. They even cheered after the cheer to add extra troll. Really has turned into a Streisand effect. Its been fun to watch. vuvu starts after goal is announced, so mascot starts a drum 'lets go devils' chant. Devs wait to announce the goal during stoppage to go right music, vuvu starts at the puck drop. I see people yelling you suck now that didn't when it was just the R&Rp2. tonight was a more mixed crowd. bigger, more kids, lots o rangers fans. still many yelling you suck and syncing up after a couple goals. At this point if we play taps after a goal, we will stick a you suck into it. I did not hear a 'rags suck Ps-Cw' chant the first night and did hear a few tonight. That one always got me more upset, I wouldn't mind once a non rangers game and maybe a few during rangers game without all the accouterments. At this point, put the old goal song, put the 'you rock' graphics at the appropriate times and you may organically kill the chant after a few loosing years, by making a big deal of it, you intensified just it. And I think I've mentioned my stance, doesn't bother me, I don't chant it, let others have their fun. Crowd doesn't make enough noise so trying to break up one of the few times they do doesn't make sense to me. i do understand people not liking it, but don't get the intense hatred from some towards those that do like it.
  5. Q & A with Shero

    wasn't an elderly lady that asked the question and there wasn't much attitude about it. I was wrong, was thinking of a different question. There was a bit of attitude, especially the In 'one man's opinion' question.
  6. Jagr's Still Got It

    If he is anything like Peter Griffin he will feel like he slept with Jagr. Better to find out now that she will blackmail someone for 2k then to hear a few months from now, oops, I forgot to take the pill.
  7. Q & A with Shero

    Small season ticket holder Q & A with Shero tonight. Held in 'Boardwalk' area. . Free pretzels, hot dogs and soda, water. Stage set up with 2 comfy chairs. Laughin interviewed him a bit, the fans got to ask a dozen or so questions. Seems personable enough, couple jokes. Talked about the changes to expect. Says this team isn't as far away as when he was with the expansion team. Expects to be competitive this year. Sees whats been written in the press and is trying to motivate the players off of it. Can't remember the exact quote but something along the line of just because it is predicted before the season doesn't mean it will happen unless you let it happen, Mentioned old devils type of teams. roll 4 lines, although tough in cap era, had a calder cup while winning in 95. Had Elias and sykora in al while winning for example so he is stressing assets. Different feeling for fans and franchise if you make the playoffs after missing a few years as opposed to 8, 9 years in a row. Mentioned johnny Macs goal in 88. 2'nd question from a fan was about tanking. He isn't worried about next years raft, he is worried abut this years team. asked if he wants to model after any winning team said not really, more about acquiring assets and mentioned the fast supportive game. He is high on Hynes, knows we need help on O, but how do we get it doesn't want to sign bad contracts. We have Cap space, we have to use it wisely if and when an opportunity arises. depends on the scouts to be ready when they do arrive. Not sure about who gets C. Not sure if we have one at the season start. Says both coach and his decision, but has to happen organically. Did mention the devils always killed the penguins. Thought he walked a tough line of respecting the past and the change in the future. Some rah - rah type stuff for the fans. I sill don't hear emphasis on D mentioned that much so that does scare me I must admit, but again, you usually need 10 games into the season to get any type of feel for a team so I will try not to worry. Took pics and shook hands with some people afterwards. Hugh Webber (actually, he asked someone else who told us) said that the designated driver soda will be back next season. I asked Laughlin who has the tougher job. Ray, Cory or Cangi. replacing who they are replacing. Matt said Cangi because Doc is still at the top of his game. Paraphrasing everyone, including myself Joe
  8. Devils sign PL3

    before I look? He an ex Penguin? I'm guessing 75 - 25 he was. Yes he was. Still shouldn't see the ice for that stupid instigator when the team was short handed few years ago. Doesn't matter how good of a fighter you are, you just have to know when it is needed(that was definitely not the time). Yes it is needed at times, yes you can't be a liability on the ice. PL3 didn't do either well. Maybe there will be some deboer - clarkson magic and Hynes gets PL3 3 goals. Wouldn't shock me a this point, already in shock and have no idea how this season will play out.
  9. Lou is New Toronto GM Story I mentioned in other post. From a article with some other interesting stories from when he was inducted into the HoF joe
  10. Lou is New Toronto GM

    highly recommended . Can we ban Chere from, this site. He is such a troll now. 'Meadowlands Coliseum'? Shero is kinda funny. ' I was thinking, “What the hell did I do wrong? I’m not even in the league! Not mentioned in his piece, who was the player (Billington maybe?) who brought is fiance to meet Lou before they got married. Not sure if was for his blessing, or to discuss it, or just respect, (like meeting his parents)y. Anyway, Lou kicked the player out of the room for a few minutes to talk to the woman and she refused to tell the player what Lou said till this day (or at least when I read the story which I think was out when Lou was going into the HoF. kinda tough for younger fans to understand him because the 'Lou rules' are established, and when you are younger you tend to be anti establishment. Some of the rational for the rules have been explained int he past. We have always tended to be in the bottom for penalties taken, and to be disciplined on the ice, you have to be disciplined off the ice. Devils org does a lot for communities without always publicizing it. (My mom works for the town and they always give stuff for charities and events). Like players visiting hospitals. Do it for the kids / patients, don't do it for the PR of helping the kids. I freely admit I drink the kool-aid but it is because of the respect I have for him. That takes years of observation. Someone shouldn't just earn your respect overnight, so I do understand some of the anti Lou stuff if you just got into the team recently. I will just say i think your are wrong and if you read some of the quotes by former players(not all, casue I'm sure a few that were sent packing were not happy, who got shipped to Manitoba? one of the brotens maybe?) they would run thru walls for him. It may look different from the outside, but once you play for the organization, you appreciate it.(all opinion, but think I Gilmour mentioned it, I don't think Kovy signs with us if he wasn't part of the team for that half season(not sure if Lou signs him without seeing how he fit, although he may have been overruled by jvb ayway) so it's an educated opinion) I keep this up I may break my 30 some odd posts a year in this thread. I just think this is such a huge change, I just don't know what direction this franchise is going to go.
  11. Lou is New Toronto GM

    was more the fact that a trade offer leaked than the offer itself. No rumors of Lou to toronto today. That is how Lou operates, so io guess I did need the sarc tag
  12. So now that Lou is gone...

    why do people keep mentioning long hair. We've had players with long hair before. Peluso comes to mind immediately.
  13. Lou is New Toronto GM

    I will miss Lou, He started the rebuild (even if he didn't say it) with the trade for Cory. Just look at the D and their age. Maybe most people want a full rebuild, but how many fans are gonna sit though that. When johnny mac had that disaster of a start they couldn't give away tickets. How long have the isles been rebuilding (been hearing they are taking the next step for years), Oilers? Rebuilds are crapshoot. Other than detroit, we have been the model franchise for 20 or 30 years. Rangers missed the playoffs for 7 straight seasons and for as much talk as their fans have had. 1 finals in how long? We made the finals while Lou supposedly has had the game pass him by. but new owners, they want their stamp. will it work, hope so, but i would have more faith if Lou was still part of the devils. Hell Nets went to the finals twice with lou on board, he has a yankees ring as well. I think Lou and his philosophy would succeed in most business. My favorite Lou story. 1 of the years Scotty Nieds was holding out. A fan waived a bill in the air (single, maybe a 5) at Lou and said, that his is to help sign Niedermayer, Lou turned around, took the bill, said thank you, turned around to walk away with a sh!t eating grin that made me laugh for a good five minutes. The fan just stood there with his mouth open and didn't know what to say Stood near where the stairs to the devils offices where in brendan byrne so I interacted with him a bit. couple words here, couple words there, but always polite / pleasant to us as fans. Many fans, are fans of this team because of Lou weather they know(admit?) it or not. what a spoiled fanbase, Last 20 years, Lou, Marty, Nieds, Stevens and doc. Not even gonna mention the short term greats that we may not have seen at their prime but you can tell you grandkids about i don't think it's a coincidence that Lou left a day after the trade offer was leaked. Must have been the last straw. I don't know, do I need a sacr tag on that last comment? I think it's pretty funny but I'm an old fart now .
  14. Devils resign eric gelinas to 2 year deal

    Since this thread has already been derail, I'm gonna babble. on topic Gelly, until this year, I thought he had more value to another team then ours. Yes, he has a shot. that's about it. No knock on heart / effort / desire or that kinda attribute. Just doesn't seem to get D. Just doesn't seem creative enough on O to offset his D liability. There was a stretch where he played well though. I think he was paired with Larsson for a stretch(maybe 5 - 10 games). I've been saying to package him for a while so the people near my seats so when he does play well, it is discussed. Not sure if it was comfort with the same partner or if he was just used correctly. And while he is still relatively young, it's about the point where it clicks or it just doesn't and we have a plethora of young D behind him, and ahead of him. Speaking of the more value for other franchises. My next point I understand it is a new regime, I expect change, i expect a new philosophy. Shero has been saying the rights things. I think he handled the house cleaning fairly well. I am just afraid that I haven't been hearing enough about defense in general. No, I'm not talking about getting a big bruising defensman (although i do think you need some size, can't all me small and i'm not saying that's what we have) but I am just talking about a team philosophy of commitment to D. I just haven't heard it(and with the quality we have in Cory (please keeping working on the puck handling, it is so underated, such an asset that is sorely missed) why hang him out to dry?) Maybe closer to camp, maybe it's just to fire up the fans because defense just isn't sexy to talk about (and no, I didn't want Sevens to be coach(sorry PK) and that was one of the very few positives about Lou leaving (not that I think he would have given him the job, but I think the break was easier, but you don't want players with jersey hanging in the rafters to be on the outs with team (and know I don't think Marty is on the outs, he is in a transition, thinking more yogi / and the boss)) maybe it will be an attacking D like when the PK had almost as many goals as the gave up. I will reserve judgement till I see the on ice product, it's just a note in my head at this point. I expect Merill to take a step forward, I expect JJ to keep improving. The shootout goals show the skill, Can he stay healthy, everytime he seems to get going, something happens. i'm not worried about larsson, I think he has been getting the nieds treatment (not that I think he has talent, casue I don't know many who do, this fanbase has been absolutely spoiled by some of the players we've seen) learn to be comfortable on D and the O will come. I do think he gets the game, Not sure about qb'ing the pp, but I feel comfortable (most of the times, there are some hiccups) with him on the ice in any situation. Henrique is a wildcard for me. He needs to start taking the next step (I think he has another level, or maybe he just had a couple clutch goals in him and he is what he is which is good 2 way, but not great) As for this board. As a longtime (off and on) poster, it was the best place for devils info. I go to TG's first now, but when you wade through all the crap, there is absolute gold here. never liked HF and hated when posters tried to bring some of their crap here. ILWT is ok (I like john nice guy, pleasant to talk to, met him at one of the ice cream socials) but more hit or miss for me, too analytical for me (I like a mix, but yes, I do believe my lying eyes) and I'm not even sure if there are any other sites I am aware of. but, this site is brutal to to wade thru at times. I am a smart ass, I admit it, I mostly post to either point out that someone said something beyond stupid, or to make a funny (and occasionally just babble in the wrong post and put an end to threads). When this team was winning, the negativity is tough, nowadays it is mind boggling. how many fvcking threads do I have to hear Marty or Lou bashing. This team isn't original 6, we don't have a ton of tradition, but we do now, some of us remember when we didn't, why the need for some to sh!t on tradition is beyond me. Tweeks here and there, sure fine, I understand, but it is overbearing when you don't read the board every day it gets repetitive when you do the bulk read. The site was too nazi ish (yes, I invoked goodwin) at times, but there does need to be some order. Tri was right in his first post in this thread. Game day threads are a joke some days, every now and then i'd like to make a point about a particular game, but have no desire when there are 3 (or however few) people chatting and make the thread useless for actual discussion of the game. Face it people, not all of you are as funny as you think you are. The jinx type threads? Stop it, there is too much negativity on this board as it is, and saying afterwards that you didn't mean it or that you were venting just doesn't help. I know, who the hell am I, no one, but it's fvcking annoying. i'm sure I'm not the only one. I've lived thru GR talking about seeing in their eyes or waitresses or whatever, it gets old real fast. There are too many posters that don't have the right blend of when to be serious and when to go off on the tangents. I think I have all of the ()'s balanced. sorry if I don't cause I didn't proofread this crap, don't expect many of you to read the whole thing, why should I? looking forward to this season. it will be interesting. like some of the moves, lets see what sticks and what we can build on. As long as we aren't out of the playoffs 7 years, we can stand a rebuild Joe
  15. John Moore to NJD

    I admit, I Iaughed. no opinion on the signing, gotta see the whole picture 15 or so games into the year this year. Joe