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  1. Sellout

    The devils have NEVER drawn anything except flies.If the gate is good aganist pittsburgh it's because of Crosby and Malkin,Washington because of Ovechkin.The Devils should be contracted.they are bs just like their stupid fans.Too bad the Oilers don't play them this year.I 'd get to beat up some pathetic Devils fans.Gretzky was right Mickey Mouse team.
  2. Raffi Torres

    You can all go screw yourselves
  3. Raffi Torres

    well he may play dirty but every team has aplayer like that.Oh and your an a$$hole.
  4. Raffi Torres

    Hey bruins4777 stfu.We beat you twice in the cup when your precious Bourque choked as he usually did.So eat some.
  5. Fischler 09/27/06

    why is this old bafoon so respected in the hockey world?He is an idiot.
  6. Pronger: 'I knew I'd be Public Enemy No. 1'

    The stupid Ducks can have him.The Oilers knocked the "Mighty" right out of the quack attack when they beat them in 5 games last year to win the west.The Oilers will be just fine without him .They have lost better character guys then him over the years.Go Oilers Go!
  7. Move some NHL teams back to Canada

    Derek,maybe they should move a team to Flin Flon ,manitoba? Maybe Walla Walla ,Washington?How about Missisagua,Manny's birthplace.No,no I know.NWT....Northwest Territores!
  8. My first game @ MSG tomorrow

    Those guys are insane! Stay far away from sec 411! Alomst 15,000 posts eh Derek,you're an animal!
  9. Pronger Is Now A Duck

    is it just me or does anna look like a dirty pirate hooker?
  10. Pronger Is Now A Duck

    same old fvckin nhl.Nothing changes.
  11. Game 7 Thread, Go Oilers:)

    As a long time Oilers fan I can say this was very special.This team never quit.Get Detroit in the first round.Down one game.Beat them in 6.Get a good San Jose team in the second round.Go down 2 games.Beat them in 6.Get a supposed better team with the Ducks.Beat them in 5.Win the Western Confrence.As an 8 seed.Unheard of.Get a great Carolina team in the Stanley Cup finals.Lose the first game in an awful fashion.Lose there starting goalie in the process.Lose game 2 5-0.Down 2 games this team could have folded up like a cheap suit.But no.Go back to Edmonton and split.Now down 3 -1.Again most teams would have quit.Win game 5 in Overtime on a SHG.Win game 6 in convincing fashion 4-0.Game 7 you never know,right?I had faith till the empty net goal tonight.Marrkanen played very well.The offense just was a step behind.Just not crisp passing like game 6.As I sit here,I am not in the greatest of moods.I had some of my best friends over for the game and they did there best to cheer me up.Thanks for coming over guys.Say what you want but it was a really incredible run and I'm glad to be a fan of this team. Go Oilers Go!
  12. Rip Oilers

    hey they worked really well with raggedy ann AKA anson Carter!Just kind of creep me out a touch.If they were on my team I'd root for them though!Game 6 tonight!C'mon Boys! Go Oilers Go!
  13. Rip Oilers

    Sorry Naslund is on vacation somewhere and the bopsie twins are sitting staring at each other trying to read each others minds! Go Oilers Go!
  14. Mcguire: Pressure Down Low = Goals

    I sure hope you're right Derek!I might have thought you were nuts but now I'm starting to think just like you.Oh boy,I'm in trouble!
  15. Rip Oilers

    Well I was at the game last night and I almost went through the roof when Fernando scored! I had a bit of a delayed reaction,but was I juiced!Game 6 the crowd will be a bit pumped,they might be in the parking lot allready ! Go Oilers Go!