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  1. Lou "the Knife" Lamoriello Strikes Again

    I personally think its about time we saw Foster in a Devils sweater. Last time I saw that was draft day. I understand development takes years, but this team is deep enough to shift talent around all it wants. Maybe send Elias back to the River Rats for a game or two and get him thinkin. ;-) I can't believe on a year with so many playoff games at home that this team LOST money. How did THAT happen? And with that many playoff gates, and a $50 million payroll, what kind of loss are the Rangers operating on?
  2. Award Show

    Canadian humor is as dry as a San Antonio summer. Thats right, fight fire with fire!
  3. Award Show

    I'm sorry, I don't care how old she is, with hockey-related outfits like that especially, SHANIA TWAIN IS HOT. Damn...
  4. Award Show

  5. Nhl Awards

    Call me a pessemist, but this is how I see the awards falling. Hart - Naslund Norris - Hatcher Selke - Lehtnin Vezina - Turco (He carried that team far more than Brodeur had to) Calder - Nash Byng - Lidstrom (The Wings always get something) Adams - Lemaire I'm not going to be happy if the Devils walk away with no extra hardware, but I'd say it's a very striking possibility. Naslund was so important to the Canucks making their strides this season, Turco was dominant during the regular season(another one of those important 'stipulations' that the league uses to rob worthy candidates), and Lehtnin had the best +/- rating, at 4th overall. JM was second best of the bunch, 80th on the +/- list. I don't think that will cut it.
  6. Scf Game 7 Thread

    What an amazing move by Burns to put Rupp into the SCF? Talk about payoff. This man knows the organization, and knows hwot o make it win. WHAT A TEAM, WHAT A YEAR! GO DEVILS!
  7. Scf Game 7 Thread

    Why only one fvcking replay? Talk about skimping on the production values, jeeze.
  8. Scf Game 7 Thread

    I severly hate that couple fomr Anaheim. Honestly, what audience do they think those two appeal to? The drunken barfly crowd? Doubtin' it.
  9. Scf Game 7 Thread

    WHAT THE FVCK!? A NJ DEVS DRINKING GAME AND I WAS NOT TOLD? Or maybe I just can't read and am reactiving violently unnecessarily. In any case, Its time for more beer.
  10. Oh No.....melsore Picks Devs

    Don't forget about that fargin' monkey. He had the Ducks all along too. If Melrose is outwitted by a monkey with a wheel, well hell, fire him--on air, harshly with lots of swearing. Make that oil-slick bastard cry on air. Please.
  11. Game 5 Thread

    I think its time we see mister Schwab if Marty lets another one in, I don't care if he has a realistic shot at it. He doesn't look confident. 'Jiggy' on the other hand, had Madden's hand in his grill after that last goal. I'm sure he's pretty unhappy about how this game is going. I wonder if we could see two goalie replacements in the SCF? There's a stat the ESPN hacks should be looking up for me.
  12. Game 5 Thread

  13. Game 5 Thread

    "Good things happen when you throw it at the net" I've heard that so many times from these ESPN sportscasters, and I'm not hearing it now? Closeups of Madden's cheakbone--very attractive. Thanks for that.
  14. Game 5 Thread

    OMG, seriously, what a freaking fairweather. If you have to post this useless, idiot drivel, just post it in the trashcan where no one is forced to read it. I hate pessimists!
  15. Game 5 Thread

    I really want to see Madden come out and absolutely truck Skeletor, ala Jason Arnott on Modano in the finals of '00. Not only does the freakish, old man have it coming, but I think it would provide an exclelent emotional lift to the rest of the team. Clean sheet in the second period! LET'S DO IT!