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  1. The Attendance was said to be 15,000 but it looked like a lot more from where I was sitting last night.
  2. How long has rupp been a blue jackett???
  3. 5 pm is a weird time for a game....
  4. Nah section 217
  5. I think that guy wearing the suit was my dad. I did not sit with him anyway...
  6. Wednesday night was a terrible game. Marty gave up like 3 goals on 4 shots I'm so glad i could not go that day....
  7. Ha you where wearing a blackhawks jersey nice yeah i think i saw yah
  8. Lol that was funny but nah that was not me
  9. The shootout is a bunch of bull sh!t. We played better at the end and they still won becuase of a skills competition. Just to make it fair i did not feel like we deserved to win against the wild... w/e I was at the game and had fun section 217!!!
  10. I'll be at the game tonight we better win Let's Go Devils!!!
  11. I'm new to this site. I'm a huge devils fans and i hope this message board is cool.