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  1. That is the big joke. The thing that Bush-haters seem to forget is that OBL attacked us on Clinton and Gore's watch, and that it is not a president or policy they hate... they just hate us.... oh yea, and Israel too. They won't be happy until every western women is wearing a Burqka and Israel is wiped off the face of the Earth. And that is why I support Bush. I am sick of hearing about crimes against the Arabs. It's just not reality. Where was the outcry when the Arabs desecrated Christian Holy sites in the West Bank? Burned synagogues down to the ground. No, the Arabs are not oppressed... but yet there is a double standard. It is okay for them to denegrate Jews and their religion every day by publishing cartoons depicting Jews drinking the blood of Christian babies-- no outcry there. And no one rioted or threatened to burn down their embassies! Just sick of ignorance to what is really happening worldwide.... sorry but couldn't help it!
  2. That fits unfortunately
  3. Merry Christmas Happy Hanukah what could be better? Enjoy
  4. I agree, I like very close to Lakewood and this is a stone's throw away. The Blueclaws is already so much fun, a great family acitivity, and this would be supremely awesome to have a rink so close by. Hi everyone Jerzzegirl-+