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  1. GAME THREAD: Oilers @ Devils 7.30pm

    Are there pickles on that grilled cheese?
  2. GAME THREAD: Oilers @ Devils 7.30pm

    Actually the Oilers are loaded up quite nicely with prospects. Which I'm assuming you would almost certainly have to take in exchange because of the cap issue. I guess I draft pick would work for the Devils too but I'm not sure what we have to give up. If it was a pick, what would you want back? How about a 3rd or 4th?
  3. GAME THREAD: Oilers @ Devils 7.30pm

    Yeah Morrison is still up. He is making it real tough on managment. IMO though he is just to much of a unproven commoditiy. I just don't see the Oilers hanging on to three goaltenders for too long.
  4. GAME THREAD: Oilers @ Devils 7.30pm

    Hey don't get too upset. Nobody gives rookie goaltenders their first win of their career like the Mighty Oil. Are you guys that bad? I admit that I don't follow the Devils really close but how could a team with Marty be so bad? There have been a lot of rumors in Edmonton about you guys being a trading partner with the Oilers. We need dmen of the 4-6 spot variety and you seem to have a couple that are seriously underachieving. And no we don't want Mahlakov. I'm guessing one time Oiler McGillis is being talked about. I'd rather have Marty.
  5. GAME THREAD: Oilers @ Devils 7.30pm

    Conklin is the starter for the Oil tonight. I think I can speak for all Oiler fans when I say I don't know what to expect from him. Players to watch on the Oilers are Stoll, Torres, Hemsky, Smyth and obviously the big man, Chris Pronger. Hope its a good one!!