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  1. I like to think of it as the Leafs trading a 1st to the Devils for Kurvers thinking it would be a middle/ed of the 1st pick. But instead of it leading to 1 Neidermayer (and 3 cups!) it leads to 1 top 5 pick every other year for 3 drafts (or I think even 4 drafts because this was the swap picks year)...It is likely going to change the fortunes of 2 franchises for 10 to 15 years. Celtics will be near the top and the Nets near the bottom for a generation of young fans unless the Nets luck in to a Lebron after they get to draft in the first round again starting in..... 2019
  2. Which is actually very true in the grand scheme of things.
  3. That is insane! Josefson a US Hockey Star?!
  4. hall-Zajac-Kovy Zacha-Henrique-Palms Quinneville-Patrik-Blandisi (boys are back in town line) Wood-Speers-bennett i don't think that would be all that good, but it would be fun.
  5. Is there any talk of changing the college FA system? I don't if I am just becoming more aware of it now as I search the periphery of hockey news to find any sort of hope for filling the Devils roster holes, but it really seems like that system has become the rich getting richer with top college FA's wanting to join competitive teams. Once again not sure if that has always been the case, but it will come in to focus again if the Devils lose out on Kerfoot.
  6. Trade Schneider for a 2018 1st rounder packaged with lovejoy who will act as an anchor and make the new team a bottom 5 team. End result: 2 top 5 2018 picks. Win the cup in 2020 backstopped by Jeremy Brodeur . I would say win the cup in 2019, but I think we'd need a year to gel. Just trying to be realistic.
  7. What are peoples thoughts on bringing up Quennville for some NHL experience vs letting him ride out the season/playoffs in the AHL? Also, any guys eligible that we should send down for the AHL playoffs (Zacha/santini)?
  8. Sorry. Forgot that every post is required to have "IMHO" included.
  9. As I feared might have been the case yesterday, Shero missed the market this year.
  10. Lots of moves ahead of the deadline. Shero either waiting for teams who haven't made moves to get desperate or is missing the market. Hanzal and Hansey trades are making the value of the rest of the moves look like earlier may have been better, but also could just be outliers.
  11. What would people think the estimated return could be for Cammalleri?
  12. How is the top 5 of the draft looking now? Devils are really in desperate need of some game changing young talent. Starting to feel like every team (especially middle of the pack) has impact 19-22 year olds other than the Devils. Severson is the only sure fire to fit that category.
  13. Blake Pietella is the callup. Bennett earned a few more games in the top 6 last night.
  14. I'd argue "who can watched taped games anymore?" With score alerts, twitter, facebook, accidentally opening a sports app/website and exchanging texts with friends during games it is difficult to avoid seeing live scores on games. At least for me...I'd have to lock my phone away to not have some idea of what is going on during a Devils game.
  15. Not to derail the thread, but are there any other unsigned college FA's of interest? With Vesey dominating the headlines might it be a good time to sign some under the radar type players? Don't want to put all our eggs in one Vesey.