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  1. What would people think the estimated return could be for Cammalleri?
  2. How is the top 5 of the draft looking now? Devils are really in desperate need of some game changing young talent. Starting to feel like every team (especially middle of the pack) has impact 19-22 year olds other than the Devils. Severson is the only sure fire to fit that category.
  3. Blake Pietella is the callup. Bennett earned a few more games in the top 6 last night.
  4. I'd argue "who can watched taped games anymore?" With score alerts, twitter, facebook, accidentally opening a sports app/website and exchanging texts with friends during games it is difficult to avoid seeing live scores on games. At least for me...I'd have to lock my phone away to not have some idea of what is going on during a Devils game.
  5. Not to derail the thread, but are there any other unsigned college FA's of interest? With Vesey dominating the headlines might it be a good time to sign some under the radar type players? Don't want to put all our eggs in one Vesey.
  6. Would like to throw out the Capitals' Marcus Johansson. Can play C.
  7. Would you trade either of them? And, if so, what would you expect in return?
  8. The schedule is pretty friendly here for Shero. He will have Saturday, Sunday, Monday to work trades. Doesn't have to "keep the team together" to show they are making a playoff push over the weekend.
  9. I would definitely prefer Drouin (or another high ceiling prospect) over a first rounder, but I don't think Stempniak gets that done. I think teams will factor in that Stempniak is putting up these career outlier numbers while playing top line and power play minutes. Hope you are right. It seems like this might be a great year to be a seller.
  10. Going to be really interesting to see what the Devils get for Stempniak. I am almost expecting a 1st rounder now after the Ladd trade. That would be phenomenal as it would give me something to root for in the playoffs (team X losing in the 1st round to bump up that first rounder). It would be a huge mistake to not move Stempniak. This is the peak of his value and to think he isn't replaceable by another FA next year is silly (not to mention the possibility we could be "replacing" him by resigning him). I think a lot of fulltime NHLers can score ~20 given top line minutes over 82 games.
  11. Can't believe the trade deadline is 10 days away. Trade Stempniak or Schlemko? Keep it together and try to fight for the 8 seed? Does not feel like a time to buy and fight for an 8 seed, but keeping it together might make some sense. It would just be a shame to just stand pat and not get a few more draft picks off a non-playoff roster. Especially when we would be trading high on Stempniak and Schlemko
  12. Anyone think the Devils move Cammalleri for younger assets? I'd bet he would waive his NTC to go to a contender. Can't imagine he wants to waste any more years on a non-playoff team.
  13. I don't think now is the time to trade him for multiple reasons. 1. Dick move off of a new contract. 2. Maybe entice FA's with having a top goaltender 3.I think his stock could get even higher if he continues to play well on what should be a very bad team. I will preface this by saying I don't ever recall this happening, but a trade of a top 5 goaltender to a contender w/out a top goalie at the deadline?!!? I could see that really getting a kings ransom with notion that a hot goalie can carry a team to a cup moreso than any other position. I also enjoy this speculative topic, so those turning the thread into sh!tting on an individual poster and just saying flat out "never going to happen" are not adding anything to what could be an interesting conversation.
  14. I am by no means saying this is a pointless exercise, but I think Shero's time with Pitt is tough to look at as an example of what he likes as GM. He was in a very unique situation with 2 of the greatest players in the world. I'd be interested to look at his time as an assistant GM in Nashville and maybe the Sens. Nashville has been "Devils West" without the cups to me. Overall I feel like his moves in Pittsburgh are almost irrelevant to the situation he is adopting in NJ. He's rebuilding (Gasp!). I just like that he is experienced, already has contacts in US hockey and throughout the league, and won a cup. Not often you can scoop a GM like that up.
  15. Anyone find a good replacement for capgeek? You don't know what you've lost until it's gone.