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  1. Devils 2014-2015 Off Season Thread

    Anyone think the Devils move Cammalleri for younger assets? I'd bet he would waive his NTC to go to a contender. Can't imagine he wants to waste any more years on a non-playoff team.
  2. Is it time to trade Cory Schenider?

    I don't think now is the time to trade him for multiple reasons. 1. Dick move off of a new contract. 2. Maybe entice FA's with having a top goaltender 3.I think his stock could get even higher if he continues to play well on what should be a very bad team. I will preface this by saying I don't ever recall this happening, but a trade of a top 5 goaltender to a contender w/out a top goalie at the deadline?!!? I could see that really getting a kings ransom with notion that a hot goalie can carry a team to a cup moreso than any other position.   I also enjoy this speculative topic, so those turning the thread into sh!tting on an individual poster and just saying flat out "never going to happen" are not adding anything to what could be an interesting conversation.
  3. Ray Shero: Pros and Cons

    I am by no means saying this is a pointless exercise, but I think Shero's time with Pitt is tough to look at as an example of what he likes as GM. He was in a very unique situation with 2 of the greatest players in the world. I'd be interested to look at his time as an assistant GM in Nashville and maybe the Sens. Nashville has been "Devils West" without the cups to me.  Overall I feel like his moves in Pittsburgh are almost irrelevant to the situation he is adopting in NJ. He's rebuilding (Gasp!). I just like that he is experienced, already has contacts in US hockey and throughout the league, and won a cup. Not often you can scoop a GM like that up.
  4. Capgeek is closed.

    Anyone find a good replacement for capgeek? You don't know what you've lost until it's gone. 
  5. Official "Marty Watch" Thread

    Ticket sales this spring could be brutal at The Rock and I could think of one way to boost sales.....
  6. 2014-15 Albany Devils and ECHL Thread

    Boucher is red hot. Is Black on the path to being a NHLer?  Been playing on the top line for the last month or two in his first pro-season.
  7. 2014-2015 Lineup Thread

    Are the devils not going to have a 20 goal scorer this year? Has a team ever not had a 20-goal scorer?
  8. GDT: 12/9/14 MC Hammer v. MechaGodzilla

    Kinkaid and Boucher called up (clemmer down and elias to IR retro to 6-DEC-14). No word on if they are playing tonight that I've seen. With Brunner gonezo it'd be great if Boucher stepped up, grabbed a spot in the lineup and then never let go.
  9. DeBoer "Firing Watch" Thread

      You really think that the players don't care about winning? Watch a few post-game interviews to notice the stark differences in demeanor after wins and losses and you will notice how hard these guys take losses.
  10. GDT: 12/8/14 72 Ford Pinto v. a 73 Ford Pinto

    I believe Gelinas got benched for his turnover entering the offensive zone in the 2nd. He tried a lazy backhand pass to gomez entering the zone that led to a 3-2. He slammed his stick after Cory got the whistle and probably had a feeling that he was getting benched for it. That was the last time I saw him all game. When his offense is causing more harm than good he can't be on the ice. I would guess Helgeson will be in for him tonight unless Pete appreciates Gelinas' honest self-criticism after the game and wants to give him a chance at redemption.
  11. What happens if he doesn't get claimed? I don't see him agreeing or us wanting him to go to Albany. Just asking because I am unsure of the process.
  12. At 2.5 mil i'm not sure he does get picked up.
  13. I guess with Merril back Brunner's PP point time was going away. Still surprising to drop a forward who played on your power play with how banged up the forward corps is at the moment.
  14. 2014-2015 Lineup Thread

      Puzzling move. Especially with all the banged up forwards.
  15. 2014-2015 Lineup Thread

    Keeping Helgeson over Harrold (who i thought was playing well) was surprising to me. I thought Helgeson stepped up and played a real strong game last night vs the Leafs to justify the decision. Really like what he's bringing to the team.