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  1. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    Employees of the old team, what comes from the brandingexpertand what is made up by them,I'm not sure, but that's what I've been hearing.
  2. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    So I lied, it wasn't a security guard at the Rock. The only thing I actually know is that they have hired a new employee who is a branding expert. The rest is just chatter/speculationI'm hearing about why he would leavefrom his old team.Noreason to leave unless being in charge of complete rebrand which logic would say would come with the new jerseys in 17/18.
  3. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    I wastalking to a security guard at Prudential Center and he told me that this is the thoughtright now for the jersey redesign when ADIDAS takes over in 17-18, he also confirmed that the Devils have made the first steptowardssuch redesign aka hired someone. Didn't see any other chatter about this searching the board, so I thought I'd post it here.
  4. 2015 NJDevs FF Draft: Draft Complete!

    I'll keep, Jeremy Hill
  5. Football

    That would be awesome, I hope that we get a bunch of rounds in before I leave this way I won't care as much.
  6. Football

    I'm going to be in Alaska from 8/21-9/1, I'd like to hire a intern GM for this period of time to handle drafting as well as off the field issues with my team. Any suggestions?
  7. Adam Vinatieri, K, IND
  8. Ronnie Hillman, RB, DEN
  9. Travis Kelce, KC, TE
  10. I'll have to go with Eli Manning, QB, NYG, hopefully I don't have to pick again until I get out of here.
  11. Oops sorry about that was travelling to Chicago and then drinking, just got up, hopefully will be sober and not travelling next round.
  12. Jeremy Hill, CIN, RB
  13. Zach Ertz, PHI, TE
  14. Steven Jackson, ATL, RB