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  1. anti sydney crosby thread

    Maybe one day the rivalry will get so intense, we can actually spell Sid's name right.
  2. what's up with the hells bells techno remix?

    AC/DC sucks in general, and I'm so tired of that song as our opener. Can we please find a new song? Something that was made in this decade perhaps?
  3. Devils on Versus six times this season

    Oct. 5 - vs. NY Rangers, 7:00 PM Nov. 16 - at Philadelphia, 7:00 PM Dec. 7 - at Buffalo, 7:00 PM Jan. 12 - at NY Rangers, 7:00 PM Feb. 8 - at Philadelphia, 7:00 PM Mar. 15 - vs. Boston, 7:00 PM
  4. Madden 10

    Does anyone want to start a PS3 league?
  5. customized primary logo shirts?

    You can get an Oduya one at Gateway Center.
  6. Work underway on Championship Plaza

    All I could think of when I saw the rock statue were these Jay-Z lyrics: "How can you falter when you the rock of gibraltar I had to learn to swim before I could walk on water"
  7. Pre-Season Schedule

    They handed us out a flyer with the schedule (including pre-season) at AHP today. Sept. 16 - vs. NYR, 7PM Sept. 23 - at NYI, 7PM Sept. 24 - at PHI, 7PM Sept. 26 - vs. PHI, 7PM Sept. 29 - vs. NYI, 7PM No neutral site/Lowell/Trenton dates. Games are at the Rock, Coliseum and Philthy.
  8. Devils to host Rangers in preseason game on Sept. 16

    They were. I went to the one at the Rock and a buddy of mine was texting me to ask who was playing with who because the MSG crew acted like the Rangers were playing a KHL team that no one had ever heard of. I'm pretty sure Doc and Chico called that one, with Dave Maloney.
  9. Interesting quote by Lou

    Oh yeah Crash, the guy we got for Cam Janssen must have all kinds of demands from around the league.
  10. Lou coming up on ESPN radio 1050

    That's why he tried to end the NHL participation in the Olympics for good with that '98 team.
  11. Welcome to America, Claude

  12. Remembering the Canes, Devils style

    Thanks for the mention, buddy.
  13. Devils home playoff game #1

    CBC will want Montreal-New Jersey for Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday, so a Thursday/Saturday opening seems most likely.
  14. Devils home playoff game #1

    If it's Montreal, it'll definitely be the Thursday. Any other team, it's a toss up.
  15. Hey, How Bout Some Positive News?

    Well, it's difficult not to when Buck's the lead play-by-play for everything. They had to choose National names. What, are you gonna nominate Sam Rosen for NFL on FOX?