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  1. Devils travel to philly

    Yea,,i was back last year so I'm used to it now..that is if,,u ever get used to it...lol
  2. Devils travel to philly

    Hi All, I live in so jersey now and i was wondering if anyone knows if the devils stay in philly or not ? If so,,what hotel ? much thanks..
  3. Langenbrunner appearing in Livingston

    I think it was probably cancelled because of a poor turnout the day before. Sad.
  4. Shop rite 483 Livingston ave, Livingston 973-740-2004 1/7/04 4:00-6:00PM 1/8/04 12:00-2:00PM
  5. Toys for Tots at CAA

    Devils will be holding their toys for tots at CAA on 12/16. Former Devils appearing from 6-8PM are Daneyko, Bobby Carpenter, John MacLean and Randy Velischeck. Bring and Unwrapped toy!
  6. Langenbrunner Appearing Again!

    Jamie will be appearing on Friday 12/10 (4PM-6PM) and Saturday 12/11(10AM-12PM) at the Super Stop and Shop in Lyndhurst. 425 Lewandowski Street.

    security guards???
  8. Devil sitings and signings

    Jamie is appearing at teh shoprite on rt 206 in Hillsborough today 11/20. Call store for times.
  9. Jamie Lagenbrunner appearance

    well it seems that the schedule has been the same: fridays 4-6pm and then on saturdays 10-12pm. maybe he will be there tomorrow...give the store a call <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I went yesterday, he's a nice guy and obviously very down about the lockout. He said if he were a betting man that there wouldnt be a season this year and who knows about next. He is there again today,,not sure about the hours. He's in front of the pharmacy.
  10. Jamie Lagenbrunner appearance

    Dont know about Bound brook?
  11. Jamie Lagenbrunner appearance

    Found out late yesterday. My buddy called me and said he was in Shoprite on Rt 206 in Hillsborough when they announced Jamie will be appearing today 11/19 from 4-6pm. Hope to see you there!
  12. Why team USA is struggling

    I think because their uniforms are hideous,,i had to look at the score graphic to figure out what team its was...where's the big USA!?..BOOOOOOO!!
  13. Any So. Jersey Devs fans?

    Ahhh,,I love LBI,,my parents used to live in manahawkin..that was a decent devils area..
  14. Any So. Jersey Devs fans?

    I'm in Mantua, which is about 15 mins from the Del Memorial bridge and 15 mins from the Linc, wachovia ctr. Hattrick where are you??