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  1. Melrose on WFAN

    I dont believe that for a second. Melrose loves the devils and definitely respects theyr ability. I believe mad dog would say that but not barry. Barry woul dnever bash the devils like that.
  2. This just brings tears to my noble of captain Sather to go down with his ship!..LOL
  3. WFAN 660

    I heard Dog's little tirade. I really dont care what his opinion is. I think Marty is a better goalie now than he was when he faced Richter. Lets see.. 3cups 1 Gold Metal 1 Vezina and the best puck handler in the game,,EVER! enough said,,, the best part was the Rag$ fan that called and said,,he doesnt think Marty is a hall of famer yet,,lets wait and see...HUH!!?? wait and see what!!!?? u f*&%^# moron!
  4. Interesting poll on

    I thought the same thing too but The Daily News did a poll also that the Devils players came out on top too. It may still be on the website
  5. Interesting poll on

    Sports homepage that is,,,
  6. Interesting poll on

    Sorry if this was already posted but i found it interesting that of all the sports teams in this area the Devils were the team most people wouldlike to see wina championship in '04? Maybe cuz all the others suck? who knows.. poll is on home page..
  7. Just curious if anyone is making thr trip. I got two tickets. I thought you couldnt get flyers tickets!??
  8. Training Camp Schedule??

    Kevin, i'm not sure of what days practice are, only the hours of practice. You may wanna try calling the arena before you go. (973) 731-3828
  9. Training Camp Schedule??

    Hey cub, Welcome to HELL! don't worry,,we have no problem with any other civilized NHL Team fans who come in and want to talk shop. We accomodate good discussion and fair criticism. I was up at So. Mountain arena on thursday to get some autographs. Basically, the Devils are there from 9am-4pm. Practice is broken up into two sessions,,9am-11am, and 1pm-4pm. I have heard that the "A" team Stevens, Brodeur, Elias, Madden,Niedermayer,,etc are at the first session and the "B" team rooks,,etc are there the rest of the day. However, when i was there on thursday,,it was pretty mixed,,i got there at 12:15 and the "A" team was just coming in. So i dont know if there is any set schedule for who u will see at what practice or scrimmage or at what time u are there. hope this helps!
  10. Jody And Sid At At Camp Thursday

    I heard on the FAN today that Jody and Sid will be at So. Mountain arena on thursday from 10-1 doing interviews if anyone is interested.
  11. Camp-signings?

    Iwas thinking of going up to S.Mountain to get some signatures,,anyone have any advice? do they like to sign there? best times to go?..etc.. Thanks!
  12. I'm Back In Nj!

    Hey gang,,i moved back from sin city...hope everyone is well,,now lets talk Devils hockey! Damn, i forgot how humid it is here!...LOL
  13. How Did You Celebrate The Cup Win?

    Was in the SUNCOAST casino in N. Las Vegas sitting next to a few Devils fans and a duck fan. Place was pretty loud as the clock ticked down under a minute. Alot of Devils fans in the house. One guy was canadian and i said why ru rooting for the devs,,he said "i just cant see the disney ducks raising the cup" I ordered 2 beers and watched the one ice celebration then went down to the strip to find some fellow fans but they all must have been in the strip clubs. One guy said to me.,,because I was wearing my jersey.."u guys are all over town" I said WHERE!?...LOL,,got home at 4am. I just moved to vegas,,,so I was kinda bummed i wasnt in a devils bar in I was in 01' when they lost to the aves..oh well,,, WE'RE CHAMPS!!
  14. Just A Note About Patrick Roy

    Thanks Zamode! ,,good to be back...I moved to vegas...
  15. Just A Note About Patrick Roy

    What an a$$ clown....this guy had to announce his retirement during the finals!? his ego so big that he had to divert the hockey worlds attention to him hangin up his skates during the stanley cup finals?? I know marty paid him respects in his comments but i'm sure he was pissed. Good riddens,,patrick! and keep an eye on #30!