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  1. What are the Devils doing?!

    Yeah, I was listening to the first part of the game today on the radio, and during the first intermission they were talking about the devils massive slump. Then they ebgan discussing something about problems in the locker room, and that the GM wants to fix the problem befor tossing a new coach into it all. Im guessing there is some fighting/blame games going on in their locker room.
  2. What are the Devils doing?!

    Wow, I cannot beleave what I have been seing this season from you guys. The constant loosing is insane! You guys have a really decent team on your hands, but for some reason it just isnt working? Perhaps it is jsut because your tea is built to much for he old NHL or something? I noticed with the leafs that ever since we had our 5 injuries we have been doing alote better (mainly because the faster younger guys get a chance), but honestly, you guys even had more shots on net than us. I also see alote of you guys blaming Brodeur. Us leafs were in the same position not to long ago were Belfour was getting blamed aALOTE, when in reality he was the one who was the main reason every game wasnt a blowout for the opposition. Once your offence picks up, everything else should gel back together. Your defence will begin to stop making mistakes, and your goalie will be even more confident and save more shots (brodeur is a frikin legend in my mind). I even ehard there was problems in the locker room (one of the reasons the GM is holding off hiring a new coach). Something needs to be done quickly with the devils club if they want to start looking like something on the ice. Anyways it really looks like your team is in a big mess, and I hope (for the sake of our entertaining rivalry) that you guys recover fast. Because even though the game today had its moments, it was incredably boring to watch. Perticularly the 60's style slow dance between Belak and Janssen. Gday.
  3. GAME THREAD: NJ @ TOR 7.30pm

    I love the leafs. Good game. You guys probably would have gotten your first powerplay goal in who knows how long if it wasnt for belfour. Anyways, the elafs are doing pretty sh!tty this year too so dont feel bad.