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  1. Man, how HERE'S a bust...

    Adrian Aucoin is a good player. In the previous three seasons with Islanders he played 80+ games twice and 70+ games in the other season... and he played a ton of minutes every night. He just got hurt and your groin doesn't heal unless you stop skating... I agree the BHawks overpaid him... but a BUST ... it's just a tough year for him. I know the Devils can't afford him but if you could get him at the right salary ($3M) I would be happy to let him sit for a few months and recover --- we could really use a guy like him.

    Gomez has looked a lot better since Larry retired. Lou has given him more freedom and more minutes to play his game --- that line of Parise-Gomez-Gionta played really well. You could see that Gomez can make alot happen if he has two two guys who can react to his lead and move the puck. Both Gionta and Parise cover a lot of ice --- if you just let those guys go play Gomez can make a lot happen. It's more freewheeling and it does result in more turnovers but it also creates a lot of scoring chances -- the "no risk" offense was not working well for Devils. I don't think he is lazy at all and he plays with a ton of spirit .... only prob in my opinion ---- he does not backcheck very well or energetically... I wonder if that was the problem with Larry --- Gomer would turn the puck over and then watch while the other guys created their chances on the other end. Sometimes those chances were off rebounds or multi-pass to a trailer where a hustling backchecker would have broken up the play. not everyone is a great two way player -- you won't see Gomez on the PK -- most will have aspects of their game to criticize --- Gomer has a few -- but he also adds a lot. Very happy to see that it is Lou that is loosing the reins and letting him play... it's working
  3. Should Mogilny have been waived?

    Mogilny is not a cancer in the lockerroom or on the ice. His body brokedown in 2003-04 with the Leafs when he had limited action with injuries. He had surgery in the lockout year but it is obvious from watching him play that he lost that explosive step and fifth gear that allowed him to get open for all those years. Went to Capitals game over Holidays and he had trouble carrying the puck around the back of the net, just couldn't move his feet fast enough to beat anyone around a corner.....that's not a bad attitude that's a broken down body. Too bad,... the guy had great year for the Devils in 2000-2001 and was key part of cup run in 99-00. He just came back for one too many years.

    too bad. Mogilny was a great player for a lot of years and a great player for the Devils -- picked up at deadline in 1999-2000 and then scored over 40 goals in 2000-2001. He never showed a lot of outward emotion even when he was scoring 70 goals.... he cared. He just lost that fifth gear that allowed him to turn the corner and quick cutback that allowed him to get open for all those years. Everyone gets old and losses their great moves... no reason to dump on a good guy. The guy had limited play in 03-04 and had hip surgery in the lockout year --- body is broke down BTW ...Suglobov is a LW and Mogilny spent every game of his career playing right handed. Suglobov is not going to replace 89 in the lineup, unless he starts playing RW.
  5. Maurice won't deal with Devils

    It's going to be tough to get a high potential coaching candidate into the current situation. It's not likely that the team will make the playoffs, and if the coach doesn't show he can win the Cup, Lou will fire him at the end of the season. I know that Ted Nolan is rumored to have some baggage that will keep him out of the NHL permanently but in our current situation we are well suited for a guy with an under-dog type outlook....maybe he can salvage his own career along with the rest of the team.... it's worth a shot IMHO .... I don't think guys like Maurice or Sutter are coming. If they had been offered the job at the beginning of the year that would have been different..... but now--I doubt it. Look for a guy with a profile along the lines of Kevin Constantine. That is, I think we will get someone who has had some success in the past, but who fell off the NHL radar. Someone whose situation is such that they will take a shot on rallying the team for the last 40 games to get to the playoffs.... and then get a full shot in 2006-07. Ted could just be our guy.
  6. Top two lines when Elias returns

    Lines will be Parise-Gomez-Gionta : these guys cover a lot of ice - they are the only line playing well -- they also get a lot of minutes - Elias minutes will be limited when he returns - maybe 10 min per game at even strength plus splitting time on PP. Second line will be: Elias - Brylin - Mogilny : Kozlov is getting about 10-12 min per game right now... the Elias rotation is already set-up ... Patrick will just bump Kozlov off the line. Once Elias shows he is completely healthy and ready for 20+ min per game then Parise will get bumped off the top line...until then Parise will keep getting the minutes.
  7. Let's keep it simple

    Brylin, Langenbruenner and Rafalski are not going anywhere. Rafalski may not be Stevens or Neidermeyer but he is one of three legitimate NHL defenders on the team (White, Rafalski and Martin). Besides, Rafalski looks great playing with White.....Brylin and Langenbruenner are good second and third line players and are paid accordingly ... Lang($1.6M) and Brylin($1.5M). I would list the Goners like this: 1.) Kozlov - If Elias proves he is healthy and can resume full activity --- Kozlov will be gone. When Elias returns either Parise or Kozlov have to move to the fourth line ... the Devils have invested future with Parise and he looks good on LW playing with Gomez and Gionta. Kozlov minutes are down to 10-12 per game. 2.) Matvichuk - Will be gone just as soon as they can find someone to take his spot, unfotunately we just don't have anyone better. 3.) Madden - Makes $3.8M. If he can be traded for a quality defenseman he will be gone (BTW -- Adrian Aucoin makes $4.0M and plays 25 quality min per game...would be great addition but is overpaid ... so will have to be traded for another overpaid guy) 4.) Mogilny - I still like this guy alot but if Devils tumble out of playoff picture he will be gone at the deadline. By the trading deadline he'll have 15 goals and plenty of gas left in the tank due to limited min with Devils. If these guys could be moved for a quality defender, a good third line center (Curtis Brown) and a good fourth line center who could take a lot of min on special teams (penalty kill) the team would be a lot better...good enough to make the playoffs.