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  1. Looking for a (free) DVD-to-MPEG ripper

    http://www.doom9.org/ tons of free tools and tuturials
  2. video of brodeur scoring a goal?

    wasn't there one where Marty jumps like 5 feet in the air also?
  3. Fights at the Devils/Flyers game 01/09

    Seen a few nice brawls at Devs/Flyers games Flyers fans in general get rowdy all over the place. 2 games i can remember that stand out pretty nicely in the late 90's I was at a Flyers/Whalers game up in Hartford, seriously it seemed like the entire place was brawling. Left and right people were just fighting, the funniest thing I've ever seen happened accross the rink, up in the tiers there was a nice little fight that the entire crowd was watching because no one was breaking it up, well this one guy actually tumbles down the stairs, about 10 of them, everyone is laughing and laughing and laughing until you just hear 1 collective "UGGGGGHHHH" from the crowd! While the guy is tumbling down the stairs, he's rolling head over feet, then he lands on one of the railings in the middle of the stairs right on his nuts!!! It was insanely funny! the 2nd one wasn't as funny but probably a little crazier, we went to the Garden a few years ago to catch a Flyer/Rag game, this guy in the section next to ours gets into it with a Flyer fan who had like 3 or 4 guys with him, they are seated a few rows ahead of him. The Flyers fans all get up and go after this guy, wish I knew what started this but oh well, what insued was the craziest fight I've ever seen. The Rag fan has his kid with him, the kid couldn't have been more than maybe 8 years old, the dude has his kid in one arm, and just wailing away at these 4 Flyer fans like it was nothing It didn't go on for all that long but this guy clearly won the fight, he beat the snot out of at least 2 of them. Pretty stupid if ya ask me to fight like that with your kid in your arms but amusing to the rest of us nonetheless
  4. Hostel

    Wanted to see Hostel but we decided to checkout Munich instead. Glad we did because the movie was amazing! One of the best i've seen in years. BTW, here is a coupon for $5 movie tickets at participating Loews throughout January, it's a pdf file loews_pass.pdf
  5. Nicklas Bergfors WJC

    Does he like Forsberg?
  6. hey there

    yeah, it's Voorhees elementary in Old Bridge, pretty much as Central NJ as you could get RD, I'm 29, and if u tell me u knew a crazy bastard named David Fischer I'm gonna have to change my diaper and is Cedar Knolls where kids that went to Cedar Ridge went? before they merged the high schools that is
  7. NFL Week 17

    and now fez has to shave his head
  8. More Devils memorabilia on the block

    any chance you still have the video of game 4 in '95?
  9. Which in your opinion is worse in movies.

    nudity because there isn't any in movies anymore ahh the good 'ol days
  10. hey there

    to RD: I lived on Madison ave, over near St. Thomas school/church I went to Voorhees, then Salk and would have gone to Madison HS but we moved to Manalapan when i was in 8th grade to sammyk: in the long run aren't we all just a bunch of douches?
  11. hey there

    hey everyone, been a troll on a few devils forums the past few months, don't post much but anyways, been a Dev's fan since the early 90's, grew up in Old Bridge and my brother was a huge Rags fan, so everything he liked I hated plus the first hockey game I ever went to was Devils/Rags at Brendan Byrne, had great seats down low and there were these 2 guys in suits a few seats to the right of us, who people kept going up to and getting autographs, so I went up to them and asked who they were (i know, but I was like 11 or so) it was Dano & Bruce Driver and they were as cool as could be, they were both injured at the time it's been a tough season so far but hopefully we'll pull it together in the new year I'm really hoping for some roster changes happy new year to you all