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  1. Guess what they're going to do on the powerplay. Uh....get it to the point?

  2. Power Rankings

    Good job, but you forgot my 2nd favorite team, the Lightning.
  3. Lecavalier

    Lazy player? I seem to recall Marty saying he was the best forward in the league a year or two ago. Article Link
  4. NJDevs NHL 09 team 2.0

    I'm on now waiting in the locker room. Won't have the mic on though for now at least.
  5. NJDevs NHL 09 team 2.0

    We looking for more members? I got a friend who's a Devs fan, I know of 3 in Michigan including me. He's not on the board, but he's looking for a team to play on. Who has invite capabilities?
  6. New Jersey Devils' Madden Says Shanahan Can Have No. 11

    (Darth Vader) NOoooooOoooooOooo! I just got a Madden jersey for X-mas. But I do read this as he could care less what # he has, he plays for the team.
  7. TSN player rankings for the week beginning Jan 6th

    Ah, missed the * - minimum 28 games (NHL), 30 games (junior). Thanks.
  8. TSN player rankings for the week beginning Jan 6th

    Wow. Shocked that Mike Green is not a top 20 D man. That's BS.
  9. Player dies after on-ice fight

    This situation is going to become the poster child of the anti-fighting crowd. RIP
  10. NJDevs NHL 09 team 2.0

    Hahaha. That's great!
  11. 2008 - 09 NFL playoffs thread!

    Eh, not a fan of either team but I think the OT in the NFL is a joke. It all depends on the coin toss and can end on a field goal?? They should follow college's footsteps when it comes to OT. That's exciting football and it gives both teams a chance. One of the best QB's in history didn't even get a chance to take the field in OT for a playoff game. That doesn't make sense.
  12. NJDevs NHL 09 team 2.0

    Anyone up for a H2H game? I'll be on.
  13. NJDevs NHL 09 team 2.0

    Didn't get an invite to the club. You guys playing a game?
  14. NHL 09 Custom Music

    The only way I know of to get your music onto your 360 is to burn it to a CD then rip them from the CD to your Xbox. Then you can customize your music for NHL09 from that.
  15. NJDevs NHL 09 team 2.0

    I'll play left D. Jesterdevil is the gamertag.