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  1. GDT: Nashville Predators @ NJ Devils 7pm

      Wow that's awesome, I always thought it was total bullsh!t that teams of all sports charged for programs. Very cool they have the basics given out for free! Thanks for the info.
  2. SALEE!!

    I just wanted to say this is the second time I've made a deal with SeanMac and both times he went out of his way to make the transaction as smooth and quick as possible. Anyone interested in anything he has, do not hesitate to contact him, make an offer. 100% trusted guy. Thanks again SeanMac. I hope I get the chance to do a deal with you again!
  3. GDT: Winnipeg @ Devils 7:00 PM

      What service provider and which county do you live in?
  4. GDT: Winnipeg @ Devils 7:00 PM

    You can now play sports bingo while watching the game. You can choose up to 5 random things to put on your card (shaded in light red are my selections) and the rest are random. You can win various prizes for getting Bingo. Kind of thought it would be fun to try. Here's my card and the link if you wanna try yourself.          Let's Go Devils!!!      
  5. GDT Flyers at Devils 10/2 7pm

    Thanks for the updates so far, let us know how the rest of the 3rd goes! 
  6. SALEE!!

    I'll give ya $20 for the Kovy puck. 
  7. GDT: Barclays Islanders vs New Jersey Devils 9/23/2015

    What sh!tty camera angles...
  8. Devils at Bruins in Providence GDT 7pm

    Count me in on the Palmieri fan club and him not taking sh!t so far. I've like him and Henrique together, looks like that will stick going into the regular season.
  9. Devils at Bruins in Providence GDT 7pm

    You forgot this...  
  10. Devils sign PL3

      Except for all the times ya know...they're punching people in the face...
  11. Zidlicky to Det

      Pierre LeBrun ‏@Real_ESPNLeBrun  1m1 minute agoFYI that the Devils have retained $1 million of Zidlicky's salary in that trade
  12. GDT: Out with the old, Devils vs Wings New Years Eve 7:30  
  13. GDT: 12/27/14 - Devils @ Rangers

    FIXED!!! Have it on 73
  14. GDT: 12/27/14 - Devils @ Rangers

    Devils are supposed to be on 73, 414, or 773 on Cablevision/Optimum. They're all showing this developement league baskbetball BS
  15. GDT: 12/27/14 - Devils @ Rangers

    So, we get some minor league Basketball? WTF!