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Which ex-Devil, right or wrong, do you just flat out miss?

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Devs4LIFE    4

What's with all the love for Gionta? IIRC everyone (myself included) was pretty sick of him by the time his contract was up.

Anyway the Devils player I miss who is still in the NHL...

Paul Martin.

He is such an under rated defender and I he would have really solidified our defense.

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Pepperkorn    80
:puke: I hate Martin! It's probably unfair but he just reminds of a sandbagger just like Nieds. When he was good I always felt like he was holding back too much but in total fairness when he tried to turn it on he was jut a normal solid defenseman. He brought nothing extraordinary to the table - BUT brains I guess are extraordinary... :noclue: I don't miss him at all but he's probably better than I've ever given him credit for. He's probably done the most with what he's got rather than held back on his talents. Either way I found him infuriating more often than not.

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