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Parise back at center?

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justdo3043    14

I wonder if the reaction would have been the same if we had got hammered by the Kings?

If he is staying there untill Zajac or JJ comes back then lets see how this is going after 10 games.

His production and that of the line needs to be consistent.

ive been thinking about this....if parise does excel at center does he stay first line center...zajac as a 2nd line center behind parise makes sense to me as a solid one two punch..also we would suddenly not be weak at center with that combo

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Devilsfan118    622

Well obviously, in NHL 12 Parise is listed as a playmaker, so of course he'd work at the center position... :boogie:

He didn't look too out of place last night. I mean, as someone else said, he pretty much played as a winger in the offensive end..but this does allow for Kovy and Zach to be on the same line. Dangerous stuff.

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Marshall    170

A healthy top 9 could look like...




I like that a lot better than being overloaded on top 6 LWs.

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