Revisiting an old debate.

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I agree that the "you suck" is a little immature, but it's also pretty fun. At this point, I'm for just about anything that gets fans up and excited...within reason. I think naysayers needs to realize that the word "suck" is basically acceptable commonplace for anyone in their teens and above these days. Movies, music, etc., it's not really considered offensive except in school or church or for particularly young children. That's society today, it's just the way it is. I understand that parents with small children probably dont love it, and that's okay, but you wouldnt take fighting out of hockey just because you teach your children not to punch one another. There are just elements of the pro sports experience that people have to deal with.

The "flyers swallow" chant is one that I dont partake in though, for me, it's more suggestive, graphic, and not really acceptable to say in public anywhere else...but that's just me. Everyone has their own limits I guess.

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Flyers Swallow...I can understand if you want to leave that part out. You Suck really is not that bad. Go to a soccer game, you'll hear much worse. We don't really heckle the goalie like other crowds (wish we did, I got it going in the supporters section last year) so the least we can do it let em know they suck!

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