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Islanders Third Jersey Announced

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mmajeski06    9

lol they are not that bad. i seriously feel like the majority of you guys would've said they "suck ass" no matter what they look like. just be real, thats all im askin. those jersey's are not that bad

I frequent a sports uniforms forum, andI agree that with every unveiling there is a group who hate everything. But this time they are right, this uniform just sucks...especially since the Islanders FINALLY just perfected their look after nearly a decade and a half of terrible uniform decisions.

They will cram these down the fan's throats for the first year or two, but they will not catchon and will be scrapped quickly. At least thats my prediction.

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nmigliore    4

What really kills it is the "ISLANDERS" crest. Take that off and put the primary logo on it and it might be tolerable.

That's why I think; it wouldn't look nearly as bad with the main logo. I just don't like the text crests on hockey jerseys at all, but that's just me.

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