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Where The Hell Did These Come From?

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While rummaging through my old Devils stuff, I found these two mini-sticks. I cannot for my life remember where I got them from, but they are pretty neat. They appear to be of higher quality than recent mini-sticks sold or given away at games and wondering if anyone here knows when and where I might have gotten these.

The goalie stick may or may not be a SGA due to the fact that there is no sponsorship on it. Looks fairly aged and the lettering is actually printed on the stick, and not part of a sticker placed on a generic mini-stick.

The smaller stick seems to be a SGA due to the Modell's sponsorship on the back. Again, the stick has the lettering that is actually printed on it and not a sticker.

My guess is that I got these sometime between 93 and 2003. Any help or info is greatly appreciated. Thank you!



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