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Risky    10

Nah, that's from the announcement of the opening lineup.

"Defense, #2, Mark Fraser..."

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Devils731    36

Admittedly, this team continues to defy. They have a 14-12-1 record, yet:

Exactly ONE player has a positive +/- rating, at +1. His name is Jacob Josefson. Everyone else is at even or below.

They average 2.37 GF per game (eliminating phantom shootout goals). They've been outscored 77-64 (also eliminating phantom shootout goals).

Brodeur is 6-7-0 with a 3.27 GAA and an .882 save%. Pretty good numbers for 1987, but not so much in 2011.

And the amazing stat of the year: the penalty killing is now -1 on the season. They've given up 6 goals (in 101 PK opportunities) and scored 5. Has any other team ever pulled this off over a 27-game stretch before? This team is so Rain Man in ways...scary good at the penalty kill and shootout, pretty much just scary at everything else. But they somehow continue to do what I was hoping: stay around .500 until Zajac comes back.

The Devils have a better shot differential than 16 teams in the league. Last year only 4 teams finished at a .920 sv% and right now 7 teams are above that. Last season only 2 teams finished worse than .900 as a team, right now 10 teams are below that. My point being, there is still a lot of evening out of luck to do since it's still early in the season.

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MadDog2020    1,758

Thats Great! the kid GETS IT! looks like Deboer lost his breath

That picture should be posted in all GDT's moving forward when the Devils have a monumental fvck-up.

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devlman    76

My thoughts on the game:

1. Frasers scrap was awesome!

2. This was another poorly officiated game. The no call on talinder at the end reminded me of the end of the Winnipeg game when volchenkov was clearly hooked and they endedup scoring as a direct result.

3. You know Toronto was upset they couldn't overturn our goal this time.

4. We gotta clean up our defensive discipline. Other than that, good game by the boys.

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