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Elias's 1000th game 1/6/2012

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ATLL765    79

I think he's the 3rd player to log 1000 games with NJ (Daneyko, Brodeur) so Congrats !

Turning 36 in April I feel he'll play just 2 more seasons after this one, ending in spring of 2014.

Seems unlikely he'll play at age 38 in 14-15.

The past couple seasons he's played as well as he ever has, so I don't see why he can't play until he's 39-40. He may not still be putting up 65-75 points in another 3 seasons, but if he can stay healthy and still put up decent offensive numbers, I can't imagine that he's stop playing while still having the ability to be an effective player. I think he'll make it through the 14-15 season and MAYBE another one after that if he shows he's still an effective player in the 14-15 season. I seriously doubt he's they kind of player that will try to keep playing after he's stopped being an effective player. I see him going out while still playing fairly well.

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Quinn01    38

Tonight is the ceremony. Hopefully its televised. Those of you who will be there tonight, enjoy.

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