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Businesses/Restaurants advertised on MSG

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First off, is the advertising for MSG the same everywhere? They advertise several Brooklyn based businesses that I can't see someone living in New Jersey caring about. However, there's also lots of New Jersey based businesses advertised as well like Ray Catena's dealership. At any rate, the wife and I decided we want to try the restaurants they advertise since we've seen the ads a bazillion times.

First up was Roll n Roasters in Sheepshead Bay, which we decided to go to because I couldn't get that friggin song out of my head "We're not so fast, Roll n' Roasters..." The jingle really is infectious, like a disease, once its in your noodle it won't go away. http://rollnroaster.com After reading the reviews, we both decided to get roast beef sandwiches and cheese fries. The sandwich was really good, the fries not so much. They serve wine and beer, including a $60 bottle of Mo√ęt if you want to get really romantical with your date. We will definitely go back in the summer to get food and wander to the waterfront.

Next up is the Orange Grill, the Asian/sushi restaurant just north of Coney Island http://orangegrill.com Will probably go on a Wednesday for free unlimited sake. Might also pick up something from their line of gourmet hot dogs http://orangeexquisite.com/ At first I thought they were cigars from the packaging and names like Reve de Blanc.

There was another Asian restaurant in Brooklyn they recently started advertising that we will probably check out too. Can't remember the name at the moment.

So, anybody bought a car from Catena? Got a new door lock from Brooklyn's Best Locksmith & Hardware? Installed new awnings from Fiberama?

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DevsMan84    575

Kinda/sorta on topic with this posting.

A few months ago I was going through some of my old devils stuff that I had collected over the years when my family had season tickets for all those years mostly in the 90s. Most of the stuff were newspapers, rally towels from the 95 finals and old unused later rounds tickets from 96-99. I also found my programs from the 95 and 2000 finals. In the 2000 finals program (it was either from game one or five) I saw some old advertisements for businesses near the meadowlands. In there I saw an ad for a restaurant called "grasshopper also" and that sounded familiar to me. After some searching I found out it was featured pretty recently in an episode of "kitchen nightmares" from either season two or three. It just made me laugh seeing that there and knowing that it would later become terrible until Gordon Ramsey fixed it.

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