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GDT: Vancouver @ New Jersey

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shornick    1

After the slow start they outplayed the Canucks, outside of Schneider. I was sitting on the edge of the couch waiting for the tying goal. Was great to see the team take it up a notch and really go all out on them. Vancouver had to be tired after their game in Detroit but with Schneider fresh and in goal we couldn't get it done.

I'm really liking Henrique more and more each game. He is great with the puck and seems to be getting more and more of Parise's energy on the ice. Parise was set up a few times tonight nicely by Henrique but ended up hitting logo instead of net this time.

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njdevsftw    28

This was a good performance by the Devils.. 31-16 in shots does paint an accurate picture of the game. That said, we do have trouble finishing off our chances, and we have had all season. It's been getting better lately of course, so hopefully we can keep this trend going into the playoffs.

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Total bunch of garbage excuses. Played at home against a tired Canucks team coming off a tough OT win against the Wings. I can say okay if we lose against a rested Canucks team, but C'mon, we played a tired Canucks team and proved we still aren't ready.

This loss is all PDB's fault. Putting your number 1 goalie in net versus a team that's not in the conference is stupid. Win or lose Moose should have played. Based on his history, the last thing we need is Marty to get exhausted entering the playoffs. This is the typical mistake a coach who's never been the bench boss of a winning NHL team would make.

At least the idiotic posts like these were kept to a minimum last night. All I'm going to say about your stupid goalie comment is that, had the Devils won, you don't say jack sh!t about who started in goal last night.

Devil are 23-9-3 in their last 35, and did a hell of a lot right last night, even though they lost, but nope, that's not good enough for you...I'm sure if a coaching genius like you was behind the bench, the Devils win that game easily. Cause you seem to have it all figured out.

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