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Matteau#32    27

You've explained it all before.

You said our rude fans caused you to switch -- you wrote that years ago.

actually, he said it was a few of his friends. I can understand in a way. When I was in HS, a bunch of my friends weren't into hockey or were Islanders fans. They just liked to bust my chops when the Rangers lost. In 92 (10th grade) when the Penguins beat the Rangers, I came into school the next day and a few of those fools actually decorated my locker black and gold and with a few pictures from the newspaper from the game. Basically this happened each each year in junior high and high school until my senior year when the Rangers won. So, since they were all Knicks fans and I wasn't into basketball anymore as soon as the Knicks were eliminated, I would give it back to them and it actually caused me to hate the Knicks.

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Steven M.    226

As for hoping my day(s) get ruined, I expect nothing else! :cheers: Right now I hope my team can cause misery for you all. But when the dust settles and the series is over, hopefully we can shake hands and have a mutual respect for each other.


Sounds good, I just hope and believe we'll be on the victorious side of that handshake!

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Rangerfans    0

I can vouch for the fanbase hate helping you form your opinion. I live in Orange County, NY. Its about an hour north of NYC. I was always a casual Devils fan, especially after the switch to red and black in 92. (I was 11... don't judge me!). But what absolutely solidified me was the crap I took from Ranger fans after 1994. Being the only Devils fan in the school, I got it from all sides. So, I can definitely see where Rangerfans is coming from when he says that.

Dude! I totally remember the switch and I thought it was amazing (and still think it's intimidating today). Far better than the red/green of the Kirk Muller years (and before).

And I still NHL 93, I use to constantly play as the Devils. Richer, Todd, and Zele. What a great top line =P

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