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David Puddy

Offseason fun: Sex, drinking detailed in report on BU hockey

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David Puddy    15


The subcommittee documents make clear that at least some BU hockey players, surrounded by adoring fans, had “the perception that they need not seek consent for sexual contact.”

One player came close to admitting that. “You don’t ask [permission for sex] when you are drunk,” he told the task force, adding that he did not see how the actions of the two players charged last year constituted sexual assault.

Another player used two slurs to describe women who “hook up with multiple guys,” then wondered, “What other word for them is there?”

A female student told the task force that a player had shoved his hands down her pants at a party and refused to stop even as she was punching him. She did not report the incident to authorities because, she said, “that’s just what [bU hockey players] do.”

Another told of a Facebook posting “in which hockey players boast about their sexual exploits,” referring to conquests as “kills.”

Parker told the task force he had stressed the importance of being respectful to women and advised players to avoid group sex, which the confidential report notes players engage in with surprising regularity. “However,” Parker is quoted as saying, “my job is not to say, ‘You guys gotta be celibate.’ ”

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DevsMan84    605

College sports players getting preferential treatment by both their colleges and peers!!???

Stop the presses!!

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aylbert    70

I honestly don't get it... that was the first year or two college, period.

I wasn't in a popular D1 sport/area.... no one's trying to snag a D1 wrestler in Philadelphia.

This is such a hard topic to debate without coming off bad... but I'll just bite the bullet:

It sounds bad when reported by a taskforce... but you really never ask for permission for sex... especially when drunk. There's such a grey area between a girl playfully shrugging you off (to not look like a slur (oh my) and sexual assault. Rape is never ok... but I think sometimes what can be called 'rape' isn't 'rape'... but more just giving in to the pressure; making the decision to go against your better judgement to fit in with the group you are trying to fit into. Which to me, isn't right... but not 'rape'. But much like I would try to press charges against the person convincing me to smoke, drink, steal, etc.

It's extremely stupid and juvenile to show such disregard to a task force - but amongst friends, who isn't calling a girl a 'slut' for sleeping with multiple partners in the same night /week/etc. Guys should also be called this, but that's unfairly how our culture has always been.

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NLinfante    21

One more reason for everyone to be a BC fan when it comes to that rivalry. Jack Parker is a clown who has only recently been forced to hold his players accountable for their actions. The evidence is the growing number of players kicked off the team or removed from school in the past few years.

I remember hearing a story about players trying to forcibly enter a party after being told to leave. After pulling some "dont you know I'm a hockey player" garbage, they were attacked later that night, and one of the players was hurt badly with a wrench.

This story from the school paper details the events slightly differently, but the gist of the story is the same. ( http://www.bcheights.com/2.6176/bu-hockey-players-sustain-injuries-1.910853#.UEooqaCKWSo ) I dont ever wish physical harm to even my most hated rivals, but after living in Boston for 4 years, I heard about enough of this type of behavior to believe that these guys had it coming. And, to be fair, this is a major concern at all schools, across all sports...not just a BU hockey issue.

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