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NFL Week 7:

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All that may be true. Just watch most other teams in the league, and the AFC in particular, and you won't be so down on the Pats.

So far as your doom and gloom about the playoffs, try rooting for a team that hasn't made the playoffs in what seems like forever. Pats are still the team to beat in the division, and are a favorite for a first-round bye now that the wheels appear to be coming off for the Ravens. With an offense that is that explosive, you can live with a subpar defense. I'll take the Patriots to win a shootout against any team but Houson.

Also, since you're not allowed to breathe on a receiver past five yards, most defenses will appear as if they suck.

I didn't mean "wildcard" in the literal sense. "Wildcard" in the sense that they're a team that no one is thinking about right now as going far in the playoffs.

In bold...they haven't really been explosive. One thing I've noticed about Brandon Lloyd is that he doesn't seem to gain much separation from his corner...everytime Brady tries to hit him deep, it seems like he's well covered.

They've been up-and-down from a production standpoint...they're #1 overall in PF (217...31 PPG), but that 52-point outburst against the Bills bloats the total a bit...yesterday, 9 of the points didn't come on offense, so they only scored 20 on offense...and the Jets actually did a pretty good job holding them in check. They just couldn't force a turnover on defense.

But the recipe for disaster is there: you have an offense that seems to be running out of gas or going out of sync in the fourth, and a defense that can't shut down the other team when it needs to. Hence, blown leads game after game. I don't feel safe right now unless the Pats are up three possessions in the 4th right now, because I've seen that 2 possession leads are not safe.

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devilsrule33    189

That was practically a coverage sack. Awful play by Sanchez. How about him taking a sack to make Folk's field goal try 10 yards longer? So freakin stupid. You want him, you can have him.

The sack worked out over a throw away. I think NE with any more than 1 timeout win the game. It was unfortunate that the Jets recovered the fumble at 2 minutes and 1 second. But it gave them a free play to throw the ball without any consequence for an incomplete pass since the two minute warning was happening after the play. Not the time to use Tebow. Play action should have been the call.

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Week 8 coming up!!!

Bucs and Vikings....OH BOY.....

frakking Thursday Night abortions......

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