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What was the best trade in Devils history?

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DevsMan84    609

HATE HATE HATE Freisen!! He had 1 good playoff run, and then was a no show for 2 years..

Besides, I think I won the most passionate poster 2 years in a row due to my Freeze rants!!

Friesen had 23 goals in 02-03 and 51 points that year. You think Sykora would have done a whole lot better?

His second year (and the rest of his career) was quite underwhelming but to call him a bust or anything is stretching it.

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devilsrule33    189

Why would anyone think that Kovy coming here some how made Parise go somewhere else? Without Kovy, the Devils are not getting close to the finals last year. The future looks half as bright, and the decision for Zach to leave would be made much much easier.

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