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Age and Lockouts

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cgb6397    23

With the shortened season approaching, it's no secret father time isn't on the Devils side. Our goaltending has a combined age of 80, Elias,Salvador,Sykora (barring a departure) and Volchenkov are in the latter part of their career. A regular 82 game NHL schedule is grueling as is, but I've been wondering this and thought I'd pose the question to the forum collectively. Does having less game in a shorter span help or hinder an older players effectiveness? Is it a wash? I'm eager to hear what you guys have to say because this could play a huge part of our season, and the NHL as a whole.

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Zubie#8    188

Helps older players, i.e. Sykora, Jagr, Sellane.

As for our team I think it could be a benefit...emphasis on could. Our core knows the system so maybe we can get off to a hot start while other teams have to adjust to new faces and systems.

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