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"I don’t think there is any doubt [Elias is] a Hall of Fame play

Elias to the Hall of Fame?   52 members have voted

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Elias will be in the HOF no doubt and his #26 will be the 5th on the team to be retired.

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Patrik's an all-time great Devil without question. As for HOF, I dunno. IMO, he's borderline.


He has some nice career offensive numbers, and as many here have said, his defensive play probably has been unnoticed to a certain degree -- but still, it's been a while since he has taken over a game with any consistency.


I just can't help but think that he missed an opportunity to shine in last year's playoffs. The Devils made a big run on a national stage, but Elias was mostly invisible. Had he done something special, it would've reminded everyone around the league how talented he really is. But instead he seemed to get lost in the shuffle for the most part.


I root for him to make it to the HOF some day, but he's been a little bit of an enigma.

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