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DevsMan84    574

I am landing the plane and freeing the hostages.  Hijack over.


re:  Henrique, not really worried and never really was.  His contract is an odd one, in that his worth is so iffy.  His contract could either wind up being a bargain or very meh, depending on what he signs for.


The Brunner deal is the weird one...what is going on with that guy?  I don't hear his name linked to anyone at all anymore.


That's because Barlotta said he is a Devil.  Done deal lol :whistling:

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Bibby89    9

I'd personally like to apologize for mentioning the word clutch. Apparently sent everything off on a tangent. I'm not worried about the Henrique situation though, I assume he'll sign eventually. I don't think his signing is holding any other move up either. I think another move of some sort will have to be made before any other addition happens.

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