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Met Dan Bylsma

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JakeDev    1

Hey everyone,


So today was apparently Bowling Green, Ohio's alumni day or something of that sort and Dan Bylsma was in town. I saw and met him at a couple of the locale town bars. When I first heard that he was in town I went up to him and introduced myself. He was acutally the nicest and funniest guy that I've ever met for a professional coach, he made jokes and acted like he was a normal guy. I told him that I was a New Jersey Devils fan and he asked me about the whole Kovalchuk situation, and I said it is what it is but we have to move on.I then proceeded to ask him what he thought about Russian players and drafting them first. He literally paused because he didn't understand and I clarify that I understand that his team would not draft first anytime soon because of Sid and Malkin and how successful their team has been of lately, but after he said that he doubts that the organization would ever draft a Russian in the first round. I would've got a picture but the moment I felt was too amazing and surreal to ruin it with a "Hey by any chance can I get a photo with you. Apparently there was another professional hockey player in BG that I was unaware of but I'm a little intoxicated at the moment to remember his name, yet I am proud of myself for typing this whole paragraph.




Forgot to add a friend of mine whose a Boston fan that worked at the bar also spoke with him and then talked a little sh!t about the whole Pens/Boston series then goes on to take about Iginla and asked why Iginla didn't perform that well and Bylsma responds saying it was the coaching lol

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