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Bartholomew Hunt

Stadium Series

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Satans Hockey    686

Problem with that is the NFL and the uncertainty of playoffs.

College Stadiums are usually no problem, but it usually takes a week-10 days to set up the rink [i think] so it'd be tough/impossible to use NFL ones often

RFK stadium would be available but it's a dump.

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Legion15    37

It's hard to support these games when they insist on sticking the same teams in them. I know it has to do with NBC and ratings. I hope in 2016 the Wild get the Winter Classic and host the Avalanche.

All they really care about is TV time to get ad revenue. They pick teams that are household names everyone knows about to get the maximum viewers. Their love affair with Queen, Crosby, Ovechkin, any "Original Six" team and the LA Kings are why we keep seeing the same old teams, even if they mixed us, the Islanders and the Ducks in last year.

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