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Travis Zajac

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Mike Brown    83

elias and jagr arent top talent at their age either.. they are our teams top talent but not nhl top talent.. by top talent i obviously had ment ZP or kovalsuck

Zajac doesn't need to be with elite players to produce. He just needs skilled line mates. Elias and Jagr are just that. Zajac also never did well with Kovalchuk. And Zajac carried Parise as much as it was the other way around. Parise without Zajac was a 65 point player. With Zajac, he was a PPG and better player.

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Triumph    584

Even Kovalchuk didn't do as much as you'd think in Lemaire's games.    He was 23-19-42 with Lemaire, in the 50's of games.   I think Zajac had close to 30 points in those games.   Basically their offense was Kovalchuk out front with Elias/Zajac/Rolston behind him.   Rolston actually earned his money for those 4 months or so


Going to make other points later, but yeah.  That run was built on save percentage, tremendous defense, and luck in one goal games.  They were not terrific offensively that year under Lemaire.  This is the kind of game they have to play this year.

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