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World Cup 2014

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Draw is over at this point. 


US got Germany, Ghana, and Portugal.


Argentina got a pretty solid draw: Bosnia, Nigeria, and Iran.  The commentators also made mention that Brazil got a solid pairing as well (Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon).


EDIT: For sake of completeness, here's the full group listing:


A: Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon

B: Spain, Netherlands, Chile, and Australia

C: Columbia, Greece, Ivory Coast, Japan

D: Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy

E: Switzerland, France, Ecuador, Honduras

F: Argentina, Bosnia-Herz, Iran, Nigeria

G: Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA

H: Belgium, Algeria, Russia, Korea


EDIT 2: USA's scheduled games


16 June   GHA - USA  

22 June   USA - POR  

26 June   USA - GER  


And apparently ESPN was talking about USA having the hardest travel schedule in the World Cup. 

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eaglejelly    161

As a German I am not pleased with the draw. It is probably one of the most balanced groups, no weak link.

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thefiestygoat    134

Horrible draw for the US. Plus they have to travel nearly 9,000 miles on top of it. I don't want to believe it. Hopefully the team just fights their way into the round of 16 - though then they'd likely face Belgium who should win Group H. So close to getting into Group E too.

Argentina is going to coast in Group F. Brazil should have no problem in Group A. It will be interesting to see what Mexican team shows up in Brazil.

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ghdi    65

Group of Death, not one team in it is happy. The travel is the worst part. Its only slightly better than 2006, but more because of location than anything else. The one bright spot is that its not close to home for the European teams, so it could play a part in how teams like Portugal play espc since Brazil HATES them. We have to win that first game though. Anything less than a win, and I don't think the US will get through and its about time we beat freakin Ghana. Its also going to be extremely hot in Natal and even worse in Manaus. 

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Lets face it everyone wanted to get stuck in Group E, and the bloody French who scraped into the world cup, got the easiest group by a long shot!!


From my perspective Englands group is terrible, not only because of the opponents , but because of the locations we will be playing, out first game against Italy will be at 6pm local time in Manaus,  the humidty there gets to 98%. Those conditions are terrible.


The USA face a huge battle to get out of that group, but you never know, Portugal are hit and miss at the best of times, Ghana also. Germany are the only team i would say are a lock to get out of that group. The Germans have one hell of a team.

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