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Mike Brown    92

Not entirely true. NBCSN (and CNBC to an extent) while in a majority of households, is still not available to about 30% of the nation's households. 


And I am not sure about NHL network, but its probably the lowest of the four.


Oh I get what you mean.  But that's a different point than what I was making.

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GCL does include playoffs. Obviously doesn't help if you're in North America, however in an overseas market, get every single playoff game included, which is great.


Been using it for 4 years now (previous to that was relying on illegal methods). No complaints. There's the occasional hiccup or service outage, but generally speaking runs very well.


I have 100mbit Cable, and streams in HD quality for NHL, NFL, and MLB, so it's really great.


Everyone else has pretty much said everything else.

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