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NFL Off Season 2017 - Coaches, Caps, and Combines OH MY!

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Pete Carroll is a fvcking dummy- this could cost Seattle their 2nd rounder. I'd be furious if I was a Hawks fan: http://deadsp.in/CNUrOdA

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I don't know, this could be a goof on the NFL too.

Did Sherman miss ANY practice this year because of his knee?  I think the answer is no.

Did Sherman ever have the team treat his knee?  Again, I suspect the answer is no, but that's something the league has to confirm with the trainers of the Seahawks.

If Sherman played every down/snap/practice rep, never came out for the specific injury, and got treatment outside of the team, where's the rules violation?  The injury rules are supposed to be where you talk about team members who are physically compromised and/or miss any kind of time - unless the trainers didn't log treatment (which could be a serious rules violation), it appears that didn't happen.  

For what it's worth, Rotoworld (which is usually neurotic with practice misses) only has Sherman missing 1 practice in 2016 due to an ankle injury (but notes that Sherman was likely getting a breather).  

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Quoting MadDog, since the thread started a new page.

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