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GDT: CBJ @ Devils 1:00 PM

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13 hours ago, Steven M. said:

Going into last night Cory Schneider had stopped 14 of 16 penalty shots in his career including the two he had faced in this season going into this one.

This post is not the first place I have seen saying he isn't good at penalty shots. Not sure how much better you can be than 14 of 16.  

Obviously it sucks that he let them in, but maybe we shouldn't be awarding three penalty shots in the span of two games. Probably a good place to start when it comes to 'helping him' with penalty shots.

Interesting, didn't know the numbers were that good.  Maybe it just seems to be more breakaways than actual penalty shots, and definitely shootouts, which I think we can all agree (but would wait to see those numbers too, before making any judgement).  

For sure we shouldn't be allowing 3 penalty shots in two games, but that's entirely missing the point.  The fact is, penalty shots do happen (hopefully infrequently), and the goalie should be able to stop them.  Obviously you mentioned the numbers are actually good, but the same is true for breakaways, and I guess maybe that's where I see the issue more.  No one wants to leave their goalie hanging out to try, but that's what makes a goalie elite, and goes back to the fact that I was talking about "stealing" games.  In a shootout, the shooter is supposed to have the advantage, because he gets to make the move first, and the goalie has to react (obviously this isn't really true through when most good shooters % is about 30-40%), but you want your goalie to be able to come up big and flat out rob a guy when he's on a breakaway attempt.  I just don't see that happen with Cory.  It might be hard to find stats for how many breakaways he's faced in game (non penalty shots, non shootouts), but I'd be really curious if they were anywhere near his penalty shut success rate.  I'd venture a guess and say, even an average team, (I say that because at this point we're probably considered below average) gives up one clear breakaway per game. In really sloppy games and teams with bad defenses, maybe it's two per game, if a guy makes a bad change or someone gets caught pinching.  On really good teams, maybe they're sound and responsible in their own end, and it's 0.  So let's just say roughly 82 breakaways faced per season.  I'd bet this year, Cory is probably less than 50%.  And in these scenarios it's actually more skewed in favor of the goalie, because during in-game breakaways, a player is often under way more pressure and time sensitive, because there's almost always a guy on his ass waiting to save the day and prevent a shot from even getting off.  I'd really like to see the numbers of "clear" breakaways faced, i.e. an unabated attempt where the shooter got off a shot or deke and had a legitimate scoring chance.  Again I'm not trying to sh!t on Cory, because I do think he's a pretty good goalie.  Maybe it's more perception than actual reality and stats.  I'm not sure.  I'll try to find some other numbers.

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  • I said it once and I'll say it again.  Columbus is a paper tiger.
  • They are a dangerous team, however there style of play isn't conducive to winning in the playoffs.
  • Relying that heavily on your goalie is a problem waiting to happen.
  • This was a strange game to say the least.
  • Devils I thought were easily the better team.


  • CF: 58 to 39, 59.79%
  • FF: 43 to 33, 56.58%
  • SF: 33 to 23, 58.93%

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