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Scott Niedermayer

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NJDevs4978    218

I hate to be a party pooper but BFett is not Kyydax; I didn't get the impression he was at the time myself and now I know he's not after looking through a couple of earlier posts he posted, specifically this one:

let marty play

Burns knows what he is doing

Why should Schwab play? he's a scrub

The real Kyy would never post THAT - drunk, sober, or incognito :lol:

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redruM    48
I think it's wrong, too, to say that Niedermayer hasn't done anything since 1995, but I think it's OK to say that Niedermayer has been a disappointment and I think it's OK to hold Niedermayer to a higher standard than other guys.

Maybe it's arguable, but I think the guy has world-class ability but is an above-average player. To me, above-average isn't good enough when you have all that talent.

Jerry is it possible the EXPECTATIONS were just too high??? The guy has world class skating ability, and world class puck handling ability, he;s very good in his own end but is an average passer, IMHO he does not see the ice that well and has a below ave. shot...so how is he supposed to be the next Orr???? Those are impossible expectations to live upto...

And BTW IMHO on the nights he only gives 75%, he is still one of the better devils ont he ice...Sad but true

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Triumph    641

The expectations were right if you watched him for 2 games.

The expectations were wrong if you watched him for 20 games.

It's as simple as that. Seeing him try to go through 3 guys night after night would lead you to believe that he doesn't see the ice well.

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ARENA2005    0
15 more games for Niedermayer to show he can't be replaced by Tverdovsky.

Do you think Nieder is tired of the Dev's defensive scheme? Do you think that Burns realizes this? I think Pat knows what he has in Scott and will mold this team around him in the next few years.

I also just looked at a post by MantaRay who stated: "Nieds is the perfect D-man for this team. Nuff said." Ask Nieds if he is happy right now with his role on the Devils? My guess is no, as he realizes his talent and could be a Norris winner with any other Team in the NHL. Yes he has two Cups but I'm sure he still feels like he is being overlooked.

He wants to be the "C" and right now #4 is the man (God Bless him). Nieds, hang in there as your time will come and you will be the centerpiece of this team with Marty behind you!

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