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Islanders fan here.

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Age........old enough

Sex........I take a leak standing up

Favorite team........the Islanders.

Favorite (all time) player...Mike Bossy

Most hated rival......by far the Rags, with the two idiots doing the commentation for that franchise

Born and raised on the North Shore of Long Island(Port Washington)

Been a season ticket holder of the Isles since 1990, have been going to games since the late 70's with my uncle when I was a kid.

Love the sport of hockey, do not hate the Devils(Only the Rangers).

Found this site through a Rags forum that were complaining about this site ripping on the rags and how blah blah blah..............they basically are livid and talking out of their asses right now. I have rag fan friends who won't even talk about hockey anymore. "I am watching the Mets/Yanks" "I have been to busy at work to watch." BS.....when they win you never hear the end of it.

Do everyone a favor and sweep these fecks.......I only wish it were the Isles doing it, because this town would explode and with the crap we have had to endure for a long time from them, it would sweet revenge.

Go Devils!

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