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Devils Fans Out In Force!!

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Jimmy Leeds    103
Uh oh, Jimmy. ;)

That's Leslie, someone I work with. If you look like Tony Amonte, she'll drop her boyfriend for ya. ;)

Hmmmm...less hair, less scars, and more wife(s)!!!! :rolleyes:

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goobergirl    0

I went to the weekend things too. I like seeing all the Devils fans there. I was upset though that my fellow stars fans that were there were so boring. The ones around me just sat there! Me and my dad seemed to be the only ones screaming. I was screaming at the top of my lungs during the overtime and shoot out! I saw the cup there but I didn't want to risk touching it so I stayed away. I have touched both of the cups before. The traveling cup at the 1999 cup party and the one at the hockey hall of fame in Toronto this past summer. I wanted either stars or devils to win the cup this year so I didnt want to ruin it for all of them. I also took pics. Some of them from the games I will have up tonight or tomorrow. But these are the ones from fort lauderdale and outside the arena.


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